Self Empowerment

Jump off the emotional treadmill

By Alison | May 31, 2019

For this week’s topic I have something to talk to you about that may seem very challenging, especially if you are in the middle of a time in your life that you are not enjoying, and you wish was different- which mid-life transitions tend to be. Brene Brown refers to these times as mid-life unravelling.…

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Boundaries and why you don’t need them

By Alison | January 22, 2017

Clients often say to me that they feel the need to set boundaries to stop someone taking advantage of them, so they can feel confident in saying a behaviour is not okay, to avoid the injustice of accusations and because it looks like being able to do that can create a feeling of inner confidence. Contained…

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By Alison | September 26, 2016

I think there is probably an area in all of our lives where we wished that something was different? That we could feel more relaxed about life in general, calmer about things and not so in our head, over thinking. Or even less stressed and anxious about. However, let’s face it, most people don’t wake…

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The truth about depression

By Alison | September 8, 2016

Wow what a summer we had! Whether you had a staycation this year or went abroad I think we all got a taste of the sunshine. As the nights start drawing in and the days begin to get shorter it is said that some people are more prone to depression, and the modern day concept…

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By Alison | July 4, 2016

I would like you to make a list of what causes you stress. Where does the stress in your life come from? It wouldn’t take a crystal ball to work out that for most of you it will include a selection of the following- My job/ workload. My boss/colleagues/staff. My girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband. My lack of relationship/…

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Radical Forgiveness

By Alison | May 29, 2016

One of the greatest causes of unhappiness in our life is the thinking we believe when we are blaming another for what they have done to hurt or inconvenience us in some way. When life has not gone how we felt that it should. There is a believing of them/life against us and in that we feel a…

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Decisions, decisions

By Alison | April 17, 2016

Recently I found myself at a fork in the road, faced with what looked like a BIG decision to make that seemed like it would alter the course of my future……and in that moment even I forgot how the system works! “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking that created them” said Einstein,…

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How to create “no brainer” influence

By Alison | March 13, 2016

How much influence do you have in your life when it comes to changing your behaviours, and how do you create the right circumstances for change, for example if you want to lose weight? In order to create change the three parts of our brain have to be aligned. These are the Neocortex- which is…

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Thoughts about love ~ Part 3

By Alison | February 28, 2016

Love without conditions If you are trying to find the “perfect” version of love outside of yourself, you will be continually frustrated and your experience will always fall short. How much time do you spend being present in your relationship or is the mind wandering off finding fault with it, wishing that it looked as…

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Planning your holiday?

By Alison | February 9, 2016

In these days of busy work/home lives it can often seem as if a break away from it all will bring us some peace and respite. A chance to unwind and relax away from our everyday schedule. However there is something that we take with us that can often prevent that from being the case-…

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