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Decisions, decisions

bigstock-businessman-with-hat-in-front--42328192Recently I found myself at a fork in the road, faced with what looked like a BIG decision to make that seemed like it would alter the course of my future……and in that moment even I forgot how the system works!

“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking that created them” said Einstein, and that dude was SO right.

If you are a regular reader of this column you will know that I say repeatedly that “just because a thought is in your head doesn’t mean it’s true”, and it’s not. Each thought is just a bunch of words arranged in a particular order that we assign a meaning too- so when you know that, how on earth can we make a decision about anything? I could believe in one set of thoughts that told me life would go one way and I could believe in another set of thoughts that said life would go better the other way. What to do.

I made mental lists of the pros and cons. I visualized what each future would look like to see what looked more appealing. I tried to think about what place I was making the decision from emotionally. I asked friends. I talked it over and over. Grrrr…..I was getting no clear yes. Either way looked attractive. Everyone had different opinions. There were potential gains and losses either way.

Lucky for me I deeply know that whatever decision I make will be the right one, the one that was meant for me to make for my continued growth…but even that was not helping.

I had forgotten how the system works!

The thing is when we are thinking, thinking, thinking we are shaking up the snow globe of our mind. The thought storm rages and it gets really hard to see the scene.

As Michael Neil said “The thing with decisions is that we either “know” or, we just don’t “know” yet and trying to decide when we just don’t know yet is not going to get us knowing.”

When we leave it alone, and I mean literally do something else, think about something else, put our attention somewhere else and then go back to it, when the thinking has been given a chance to settle, the snow in the globe will have settled and there will be clarity and a clear view. And then we will know what makes sense in the moment.

So, I went out to spend the day with a friend. We talked about it and then I left it alone; I parked my overthinking for a few hours.

And then this morning when I woke up, after weeks of ruminating, the very first thing to come into my head was that I knew what to do. All the input had percolated and instead of me choosing and wondering which thought to follow, the snow had settled and I “knew” what made sense in this moment. And this moment is all we have.

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