From emotional turmoil to peace of mind

You have probably landed on my website because you are either:

Having a difficult time in your relationship and wondering if you have made the right choice?

You are fed up with people pleasing but worried that if you assert yourself the relationship will end.

Your relationship just isn’t fulfilling any-more, and you notice how you are looking elsewhere/or worse still, that is what your partner has done.

Or you might have experienced a break-up and are having a hard time getting over it and learning to trust again and worried about making the same mistakes again.

Or, let’s face it, any other number of difficulties we experience in relationships because that is where, no matter how much self-development we have done, we hit our edges!

The thing is, the relationship we have with our Self is the only relationship we can have any insight into.

This approach isn’t so much about working “on” your existing, past or future relationships but more about working on who you are “in” relation to another; getting in touch with who YOU really are.

From that place of understanding, relationships and our experience of life looks different.

Imagine if you knew that whatever happened in life you would be okay?

Imagine if what you have believed you needed in order to be secure and happy wasn’t true, it just looks that way now?

Imagine how relationships would be different if, in knowing who you really are, you didn’t have to pretend to BE something else?

Imagine if you knew you were simply enough… fact, that you could let go of any limited beliefs that you have about who you are now.

Imagine living life knowing that peace, freedom and joy was what you are made of and that fear, insecurity and neediness can become a thing of the past.

Speak with Alison if are ready to move from emotional turmoil to psychological well-being

Experience a new way of being in relationship.

Transformational Relationship and Three Principles Life Coaching in person in Bath and On-Line for lasting change and freedom

I typically work with:

People near or post divorce

Stressed professionals

Partners of successful people

Times of life transitions

Adopted people

Help with-

Love and relationships

Insecurity, Stress and anxiety

Loss of confidence and self esteem


Feeling lost and discontented

I haven’t yet had the space to really consider the full effects of the work we`ve done in the last six weeks, but I do know I`m very much more positive about a lot of things, I have a clear path and also feel lighter now I have identified the way forward, even for things that have held me back for a long time.


Coaching and Hypnotherapy in Glastonbury

The experience has left me feeling lighter, and really encouraged, with a greater trust in the bigger picture, and the universe. There`s a lovely lightness to the world, and everything I do. I`ve been feeling a greater sense of self worth, and equally feel greater value and worth in everything, and everyone around me.


Life Coaching in Bath

In the last session l had a great realization that l didn’t have to stay in my mind as it is now and has been – l could think it into a different pattern – what a revelation!You are a great teacher, you give confidence and teach in an easy to understand way and helped me feel much better about myself.


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I was completely unprepared for the effect our sessions would have on me! After managing to achieve a state of almost unconscious relaxation during the session (and I had been chilling all day so thought I was already relaxed!), I came out of it with a sense of lightness and with great anticipation to see the results of the positive effects of the quiet mind that I had experienced.


Life Coaching in Bath

First of all I need to thank you for the amazing session. It really was a great experience, and it helped a lot in my confusion. I recently started realizing why some things are they way they are, and I plan to write an extensive text, but for now, all I want to say is that the story is written, and the bracelet is created!


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