Go from emotional turmoil to peace of mind

You have probably landed on my website because you are either:

Having a difficult time in your relationship, need help and have tried everything else

You want to get the closeness back and feel you have grown apart

Your relationship just isn’t fulfilling any-more, and you notice how you are looking elsewhere/or worse still, that is what your partner has done

You have lost the love, intimacy and passion

You might have experienced a break-up and are having a hard time getting over it and learning to trust again

You want to revitalize your relationship and look to the future together

You are in an a new relationship, or currently single, and want to know how to stop history repeating itself

You have simply had enough and want to create change

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Imagine if you could work out your issues without focusing on your problems!

And you could bring the freshness, peace and enjoyment back

Imagine if you knew that whatever happened in life you would be okay and that you can bounce back from anything

And that what you believe the problem is right now it is something completely different that you are currently not seeing

And it only takes one of you to see something new to make a difference

Traditional relationship counselling and marriage guidance gets you to look at your problems, dissatisfactions, and negative emotions and the way you are communicating these, with the idea of bridging the gap and finding common ground. Many people find this is not helpful and can often do more harm.

Common sense tells us that the problems are symptoms, and not the cause of the difficulty, and that it's looking in the wrong direction.

This approach is different and works directly on the cause.

From that place of understanding relationship difficulties change, our mind settles down, we have new insights and can see the way forward.

Get a fresh new perspective and find the key to a strong and lasting connection 

Speak with Alison if are ready to move from emotional turmoil to psychological well-being

Experience a new way of being in relationship.

Relationship and Three Principles Life Coaching, a new approach to Marriage Guidance and Relationship Therapy- in Bath and On-Line for lasting change and freedom. A different approach to couples counselling as it works even if only one of you participate.

I have experience of working with:

People/couples near or post divorce

Marriage improvement coaching for successful professionals

Couples who want to save their relationship

Couples struggling with step parenting

Single people with a fear of the future

I offer hope with-

Falling back in love

Insecurity, stress, anxiety and fear

Regaining respectful communication

Rekindling the spark again

Feeling lost, confused and discontented

Strengthening family bonds

I haven’t yet had the space to really consider the full effects of the work we`ve done in the last six weeks, but I do know I`m very much more positive about a lot of things, I have a clear path and also feel lighter now I have identified the way forward, even for things that have held me back for a long time.


Relationship Coaching

The experience has left me feeling lighter, and really encouraged, with a greater trust in the bigger picture, and the universe. There`s a lovely lightness to the world, and everything I do. I`ve been feeling a greater sense of self worth, and equally feel greater value and worth in everything, and everyone around me.


Life Coaching

In the last session l had a great realization that l didn’t have to stay in my mind as it is now and has been – l could think it into a different pattern – what a revelation!You are a great teacher, you give confidence and teach in an easy to understand way and helped me feel much better about myself.


Relationship Coaching

I was completely unprepared for the effect our sessions would have on me! I came out of it with a sense of lightness and with great anticipation to see the results of the positive effects of the quiet mind that I had experienced.


Life Coaching

First of all I need to thank you for the amazing session. It really was a great experience, and it helped a lot in my confusion. I recently started realising why some things are they way they are.


Relationship Coaching

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