Desperate senior man suffering and covering face with hands in deep depression, pain, emotional disorder, grief and desperation conceptWow what a summer we had! Whether you had a staycation this year or went abroad I think we all got a taste of the sunshine.

As the nights start drawing in and the days begin to get shorter it is said that some people are more prone to depression, and the modern day concept called Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) was conceived.

I know that I caused a bit of a riot in the first article I wrote exposing the truth that stress doesn’t exist, it is a self-constructed concept…and here I go again, as I am going to suggest that depression is equally a self-constructed concept and does not exist. Please park your learnt beliefs, open your mind for a moment and read on.

Depression is a “result” not a “cause”.

The facts are people don’t “get” depressed and then feel bad, because depression isn’t a “thing”. The word is a nominalisation- you can’t put it in a wheelbarrow, you can’t weigh it. It process of repeatedly dwelling in a particular way of thinking which then sets off a chemical reaction….so depression as it is not a “thing” you can have, you can only have have depressed thinking and then an experience of the results of that.

Indeed the placebo effect in clinical trials against anti-depressants is one of the highest- people believe they are going to get better so they do, simply from a change in thinking, because there is not something to medicate against. It is entirely in the mind, even though the resulting symptoms feel real they are simply the results of a way of thinking.

The word depression is bandied about a lot these days. If people are feeling sad, instead of saying “I’m feeling sad”, which is a perfectly natural emotional state from time to time, even though that is also self-created,  they tend to say “I am a feeling a bit depressed”. The correct answer to the “how are you feeling” question is always “I am feeling what is in my thinking right now, and that will dictate how I feel”. We can’t feel the weather, we don’t feel the dark nights, we aren’t feeling the change of season, what we ARE feeling is the meaning which we give to those things.

What then happens is the thoughts prompt the brain to release chemicals, indeed ALL emotional responses have a chemical consequence. Laughter releases Endorphins into the body but Endorphins do not cause laughter and neither do Cortisol or Neuroadrenaline, the chemicals present in depressed people, cause depression, they are a result. Therefore it is a myth that is it a biological illness, and neither is it a disease. It can be hereditary, but not because it is something that can be passed on genetically but because living family examples of ways of dealing with life tend to get learnt and repeated.

Research shows that depression is ten times more common in people born since 1945, compared to those born before. Biology and genes don’t change this rapidly. Its increase is linked to the state of the modern mind.

Depression is also not caused by adverse life events as not everyone exposed to those circumstances becomes depressed.

So what causes depression and SAD if it is not all of the above, because I know for people that experience it, the physical symptoms feel very real?

“Depression” is hanging out habitually and frequently in a way of thinking that creates a low mood. It is a state of high arousal and our thoughts about situations and where our focus is, create the emotions we feel and the subsequent chemicals that are released and then a thinking feeling loop is set up. And the consequences of that are the symptoms of depression. It all begins inside you, not outside you. You don’t have depression, you have depressed thinking.

And what is good about that is that there is nothing to medicate, nothing to beat, nothing to do other than to enter a process of re-education where you learn that all you are feeling are your thoughts, to learn to stop taking your thinking seriously, switch your point of focus and to take a good look at how you are responding to life.

We have probably all experienced a time in our lives where we have over thought something that has happened, or that we worry might happen in the future. I know I have. At the time it really looked as if how I then felt was to do with what happened or might happen, but that is just not possible. We cannot feel the results of a circumstance, an event or a person, we can ONLY feel what is going on in our head, in our thinking about the circumstance, event or person.

Knowing this gives you your power back. Instead of feeling a victim of circumstance you learn that you are the creator of your experience and that nothing that happens can affect you unless you allow it.

If this has brought up anything you would like to discuss with me please do get in touch.