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Alison Heather Sutton

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“Hey, It’s me….or rather you. It’s your future self speaking.

Bright colored leaves on the branches in the autumn forest.“I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the action you are taking right now, for all the things you are doing to live a more satisfied, abundant life of love and self acceptance.

Thank you for finally seeking guidance with your thinking; for finally letting go of some of the old baggage you had carried around for so long, because it has freed you up to live a much lighter, healthier life. In fact it feels great to have more space in my thinking now and so much more peace in my life now that I am free of all those old stories and out-dated beliefs you kept telling yourself.

I can sit here in my rocking chair, looking back over my life and truly know that I lived it, without regrets. Yes, I can see I made some mistakes that in retrospect I may have done differently but each one of them led to an outcome I did not imagine and another lesson learnt and everything I experienced has led me to being who I am now.

What I am most grateful for is that you didn’t leave it to do things “one day”. You actually did them; you made the most of every moment. When you hit emotional road blocks you worked at recognizing how you were creating them for yourself and you did your inner work and owned your ability to choose the life you wanted to make for yourself. You didn’t make your happiness depend on things or people, transient things that are subject to change outside your control, you made your happiness glow from the inside out.

You were not one of those people who just talked about it, or looked on enviously while others achieved things; you actually took action and responsibility for your own happiness.

So, thank you, for a life well lived.”

Is this the kind of letter you would like to receive from your future self, say at 70/80 looking back on your life, or will yours tell a different story?

Many of my clients tell me that as they get older their “issues” somehow get bigger. They find themselves worrying, getting anxious and nervous even more than they used too when they were younger. Many people now report that they feel they are running out of time and that they need to sort themselves out once and for all.

If this is the case take action now to create the future you desire, because here’s the thing, every thought you think today, every word you speak today and every action you take today determines your tomorrows.

Take losing weight as an example. How many people’s diets start tomorrow? How many people actually stop to consider that if I eat this big fry up and begin again tomorrow (that rarely comes by the way) who will I become? Who will I become as my future self if I continue with this behaviour and who will I become if I continue taking the same action as I currently am because even no action is an action.

Now, if life is exactly as you want it to be then this article isn’t for you, but if you were to write yourself a letter from your future self based on a life of no change and no responsibility for your own peace of mind and keeping everything as it is now, would you have any regrets? Are there any issues that you would like help with that you just keep putting off until that one day that never comes?

Today is the day that determines your tomorrows.


DID YOU KNOW?… The Three Principles based approach to coaching I now follow is all about getting you to see, for yourself, the inside out nature of the human experience. And seeing (and feeling) that life works from the Inside Out is truly transformational!



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