The Inside Out Understanding – The Nature of Human Experience

Polished Stone Cairn In A Spa | Inside Out UnderstandingThere are times in our lives when we receive an up-grade in our understanding of how life works that changes everything. I know many of my clients have experienced that moment when the switch was flicked and the light bulb went on. After this I often hear people say ” If only I had known then what I know now”…..well, we don’t know what we don’t know,  until we know something different :0)

I am experiencing one of those upgrades at the moment that I would love to share with you, in fact in the coming weeks I will be posting details about workshops, both on-line and in Bath, where hopefully we will get to share some new understanding together.


My Inside Out Understanding Begins…

I met a fellow coach, about 18 months ago now, who told me about a new paradigm of thinking called The Three Principles and that started off a journey for me, finding out what it was all about. “You don’t need any tools or techniques” she said “You just have a conversation with people and everything changes”.

I did some research and found that a Scottish welder called Syd Banks had a profound spiritual enlightenment experience which led him to become a renowned international guru and teacher and The Three Principles were based on his transformative understanding of the inside out nature of life.

Three universal principles explain the thinking process: Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Simply put, Mind is the energy of life, the fact that we are alive. Thought is our ability to create forms or ideas from that energy. Consciousness is our ability to experience what we think as real. We think our way through life. We see life through our thoughts as we go, and the quality of our thinking determines the quality of our lives (how we see things moment-to-moment).”

In his book, The Inside Out Revolution, Michael Neill talks about the Insight Fairy! She has been to visit me in the past months, sprinkling her magic glitter and introducing me to a whole new way of seeing the world. I also read Clarity by Jamie Smart last summer, followed his teachings and enjoyed some on-line training with Three Principles Movies; and since my initial chat with my coach friend all those months ago, I have stayed in the conversation, deepening my insight and understanding.


Insights, And More About The Inside Out Understanding

So here is an equation that best explains it for me-

Mind + Thought + Consciousness = Reality

Mind + New Thought + Consciousness = New Reality

We live in the felt experience of our thinking moment to moment- you have heard me say this often, and maybe have wondered what it really means?

The usual way of thinking about life is that what is happening on the outside of us, our jobs, our relationships, our interactions with people and circumstances in general, create how we feel.

As an example, someone cuts us up on the road and we may become angry or feel enraged and in that moment we think we are wound up by the other driver. But this theory is flawed.

You can take two people in the same circumstances and they will both react completely differently; one may stay calm the other experiences road rage.

Therefore, it is nothing to do with the other driver, it is to do with their thinking. In that moment they do not feel angry because of another person’s actions, they feel angry because of their thoughts about an action- therefore our thinking is causing the moment to moment experience of how we feel.


Going another level deeper we may say that the driver was the trigger for how we felt, but, no- we create the trigger by the meaning we give to an action, and we create the reaction- we create the reality of what happens in every circumstance by the thinking we apply to it.

So what’s so great about this you may say? How is this inside out understanding so transformative and life changing?

I posted this on Facebook a week or so ago-

“If you are thinking of your past and feeling sad, don’t be confused, you are not feeling your past.

If you are thinking of the future and feeling anxious, don’t be confused, you are not feeling your future.

If you are watching a movie and feeling scared, don’t be confused, you are not feeling scared of what you are seeing.

In every given moment, you are feeling your thinking, right here right now.

Nothing more. Don’t be confused.”

To our feelings there is no past or future. Our feelings only know the present. What you are feeling right now as you read this is based on exactly what you are thinking at this moment.

When you have a meeting to attend in a few days and you are feeling nervous, you are not feeling “the meeting”, you are feeling your thinking; when you are falling in love and in the first flush of romance, you are not feeling invincible because of another person you have just met, you are feeling invincible because of your thinking- it all begins within.

When you understand the principle of this and the inside out nature of human experience that allows new insights to show up that can often change everything.

I used to think I was terrified of speaking in public. If I had any reason to I would get out of it or worry myself silly thinking about it. Then, last summer, I had to give a talk that I couldn’t get out of, and when I came to actually doing it, I wasn’t scared at all! I maybe wasn’t as polished or accomplished that more experience will give me, but I wasn’t scared- all this time I had been scared of my thoughts about speaking in public, not the actual doing of it.

Prior to this experience (of an insight out understanding) I had spent hundreds of hours on different tools, techniques, workshops and a lot of money to get over this fear but this time, what I had done, was work with someone who had explained to me how to not jump on thought trains, which totally changed my feeling in the moment about it.

The other effect of having this spacious peace of mind, where once there was thought, is the clarity it brings- that space for something new to show up that previously our thinking may have gotten in the way of.

I will be writing a lot more about this in the coming weeks but for now I will leave you with this-

Next time you are feeling an unwanted feeling, such as jealousy, resentment, saddness etc bring it back to the truth- it is simply thinking in that moment that is causing the feeling?; not who did what to whom or how very dare they.

What you are thinking in that moment is what is causing you to feel that way. How you are seeing the world at that moment. The event is over and passed, you are the one perpetuating the emotion of it with your thinking and in that moment all that needs to happen is for you to recognize that it’s just your thinking and that releases the charge and any effects of it.

In the meantime, I have one more thing for you- The Three Principles ROCKS!!


Would you like to know more about this inside out understanding (aka the three principles)?

Then please get in touch with me here!