3 Principles: From Powerless to Empowered

image of eye | 3 principles empowerI remember the time when people used to ask me how I was and I would say “Yeah, fine”… which translated into

Neurotic, and

What that really meant was “I’m coping with what life throws at me; I am managing the emotions of not really feeling very important and that I lack any value or purpose in the world and covering it up by keeping busy with shopping, having my hair done, buying a new handbag, a glass of wine at lunchtime and any number of techniques I had employed in order to ignore how I was feeling inside.”

(Or, to use a 3 principles understanding:
I’m takin my stinkin’ thinkin’ very seriously!)

On the outside my life looked charmed– it looked like I had every privilege a middle class affluent woman could want, but inside I felt confused about who I was, I didn’t really know what my opinion was on anything, I felt judged if something about me or my family was less than perfect and I didn’t ever feel as if I fitted in so I would just try to mould myself to be like whoever I was with to feel accepted.


Now, today, my “fine” means Fulfilled, Inspired, Nourished and Engaged and life looks a whole lot different.

I have gone from feeling powerless in my life to feeling totally empowered and creative, knowing who I am, what I stand for and that I am good enough just as I am.


The Great News About Understanding The 3 Principles

And the great news is there is very little that you have to do to achieve this.

You see, what we experience in our day, moment to moment, is the living experience of the stories we are telling ourself. If our thinking is full of insecurity, disillusionment and lack of self belief then these things play out as the “shape” that our life takes on.

(In terms of the 3 principles (Principle of Thought)
it’s not what you think but
that you think!)

Now I’m not saying that you have to chant affirmations, re-frame all of your thinking, try to think positive or tell yourself a new story- that all sounds like really hard work to me and yet another thing to beat myself up about for getting wrong and not doing well enough.

I’m not even saying that you have examine all the details of your thinking or go delving around in your past to find the key to peace of mind.

What I am saying is, that when you have an insight about the nature of reality, so deep that it becomes a truth that cannot be disputed and as part of you as your name, then peace of mind just naturally follows.

All we are ever feeling is our thinking. Without exception. But we take it all so seriously and we get engrossed in believing all the bad stuff and give others and “things” responsibility for our happiness- we miss out on the fact that we are the creators of how we experience our life.

But as soon as you start to understand the inside out nature of the human experience, aka the 3 principles, all that starts to change…


5 Things To Know About To Take You From Feeling Powerless To Empowered

Here are 5 things to understand about the 3 principles, that can help you go from Powerless to Empowered-

1. We live in a thought created reality that comes from the inside- nothing outside of us is responsible for how we feel, so take the power back for how you feel, stop giving it away to others.

2. How our life looks to us is the results of the script we are playing, especially when we have been playing the same one for years. Nothing has any power to affect your emotional and psychological wellbeing apart from your own scary thinking.

3. Know that thoughts are transient- they come and they go and new thoughts are always coming in that can give us a totally different point of view and when we allow it and get out of our own way, we always return to our natural place of wellbeing.

4. When you are feeling disempowered never look for the cause, just understand it is just a feeling created by your current thinking- nothing more and it doesn’t have any bearing over who you are as a person or what has happened in the past. Don’t try and figure it out and give it a meaning.

5. There is always something new to notice when we change what we are focusing on; you just have to look in a different direction and you will always see something different. Stop waiting for the world to give you what you want and give it to yourself.

Happiness and well-being, that lead to feeling empowered and as if all is good in our world, is our default state.

(Our inherent okayness becomes obvious
to us, as does the okayness of others,
and all from understanding the 3 principles.)

When we stop looking to the outside world for our fulfilment, security, value and sense of self worth then we claim our power back and can begin to take responsibility for our own feelings of empowerment and notice how we can be the change we want to see.


Is any of this making sense to you?

Would you like to talk about it with me – talk about the 3 principles, or maybe just talk about your life as it is right now? Well, you can contact me here!