I tend to over-think…….

By Alison | July 10, 2019

This week has been all about overthinking! I write guest blog posts for a really cool new phone app called Daily Haloha. The app is a little moment of daily reflection where you are given a question to reflect on and answer. It’s then sent to someone on the other side of the world, then…

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Getting back to basics

By Alison | June 10, 2019

I was at the Three Principles Conference last week, and the most beautiful thing I took away from it was being reminded again just how simple and hopeful life is so I thought it would be useful this week to go back to basics. I understand that it might not look that simple to you…

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Why a mid-life crisis is good for you!

By Alison | May 19, 2019

When I was in the midst of my mid-life crisis (which I had at 39) it didn’t feel like it was good for me, and it certainly didn’t feel like it was good for anyone around me either! So why on earth would I be saying this now? Because transformation doesn’t look like transformation when…

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Owning our story and loving ourselves through the process

By Alison | May 5, 2019

I read a quote this week by Brene Brown that really touched me.  “Owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing that we will ever do”. I always tell my clients at the beginning of our journey together how much I admire them for taking the journey with me, as…

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The stone in her shoe

By Alison | February 17, 2018

Once upon a time there was a small child who got herself into a spot of bother. Through no fault of her own a situation occurred and during that event a small stone got stuck in her shoe. She hobbled around for a while, feeling it press into her as it rubbed her and created…

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“I hope I screw this up”

By Alison | June 16, 2017

You don’t HAVE any limitations- you are just addicted to them…… Our minds are great at coming up with reasons why we shouldn’t do something we want to do. My favourite always used to be- “You are not good enough” (I think that one was instilled in me several times throughout my childhood)(by me I…

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By Alison | May 4, 2017

#listeningpost Coaches are trained to listen. And some just do it naturally. In fact we listen deeply. We are not listening from a place of fixing or advising, we are just listening. We listen from a place of knowing that people’s emotional wellbeing and wisdom are always available. We listen knowing that everyone already has…

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The truth about depression…. Part two

By Alison | September 10, 2016

Follow up video to my post entitled “The truth about depression”. Please do get in touch if this has brought up anything for you or you would like to have a conversation about it.  

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You were born resilient

By Alison | May 22, 2016

It is getting nearer to Festival season here in Glastonbury. I read this the other day- “The best thing about Festivals is the bad stuff” This was a quote that I read in the Evening Standard and it got me to wondering what they meant. How can the best bit be the bad bit? Well,…

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What is your Yellow Tea Pot?

By Alison | May 16, 2016

I have a gift for you this week- an operating system for the Human Mind. This is how we create sadness and happiness, this is how we create anxiety and peace of mind, this is how we create pessimism and optimism, this is the three step process for how we create and generate every single…

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