Autumn EquinoxAs I write this post, it is Autumn Equinox, also known in the pagan calendar as Mabon.

Let’s look outside, to nature, for the clues as to what is in flow for us to be doing at this time of year?

This is the time of the second harvest. The time to really celebrate the fruits of our labours and all that has gone well for us this year that we have invested our love and attention in.

This is also the time for honesty- what is starting to dry and crisp up around the edges that if we really tuned into our heart we know deep down is not working for us, is starting to die off and wanting to be let go of.

This is the natural order of things. Don’t resist it.

Where in your life are you holding on to your expectations, your hopes and your dreams but the reality of no-growth is sat staring you in the face.

We are gearing up for the dark half of the year when we go within, we get quiet, we work on our root energy and the cultivation of the fertiliser and the rich mulch that will then be used for our projects for 2020.

In order to do that effectively it is time, as the trees are showing us, to let go of anything that is taking our energy unnecessarily, that is not in vibrational alignment with us and that purely and simply is just not serving us and worth hanging on to for any longer.

This might be a belief

It might be thoughts from the past

It might be a project

It may be how we are spending our time

It might be a job, or even a relationship

As you read this, you will know- the evidence is there right in front of you.

Where in your life do you notice that you are either not getting back what you put in, where you feel stuck, where you feel not in your flow or your alignment, where something is dragging you down energetically and your heart feels heavy around?

The results in our lives, in our outer world, are the direct reflection of our inner world.

We can continue to resist releasing, but who is the one that hanging on effects the most?

Sometimes it is painful to let go, especially if we have become attached and invested in forcing an outcome, so let’s look a little more closely at this.

“We can measure what we have to lose, but we can’t always see what we have to gain” Kyle Cease

We humans love the familiar, even if it is desperately uncomfortable. We know it. We can predict it. It doesn’t let us down or fail us. It is tried and tested. We know who we are in relation to it. Sometimes we are addicted to the drama, or the lifestyle, or we just don’t know who we would be or what life would be like without “it”.

And so we cling on. The ego does not like to surrender.

It looks as if the reason we struggle with surrendering is because it is about the thing we are letting go of, but let’s look in the other direction- could it be that it is a part of US we have to let go of and that is why it is so hard to surrender? Is there part of our “ego” that needs to be released?

If it is a belief we have to surrender, is it because we are comfortable with the version of our self that has the belief and letting go of it might mean moving out of our comfort zone?

If it is thoughts from the past, could it be that we feel in danger of it happening again if we don’t constantly remind our self of it and therefore we feel insecure about not keeping it in our present?

If it’s a project, is it that we feel some degree of personal shame around it not flourishing?

If it is how we are spending our time that needs to be freed up, is it because we like our old routine and have some fear around bringing in the new, or that we like to be kept busy so we don’t have to look at what is really going on in our life?

Or if it is a job or a relationship that really we know has passed its sell by date, are we concerned about what the outside world thinks about us if it looks like we have “failed” or is there an insecure part of us clinging on through fear of change.

When we are aligned with the truth of who we really are there is an absence of the fear of devastation or the loss of dreams and hopes. We know all is as it is meant to be. Even if our human ego self doesn’t like it. There is no real sense of attachment. Life is what it is.

So….some questions to ponder on-

Is there part of me that doesn’t want the world to see I am letting this go?

How can I be okay with “not knowing” what is on the other side of letting go?

What has my past led me to conclude that may not be true?

If I let go of this what does it make space for that I have some “thinking” about?

Where has my energy got stuck or staid that needs freeing up to create something new?

If I didn’t take life so personally and I felt free to move in a new direction what new unexplored lands are waiting for me?

When you rest in the knowing of your true self, life is full of infinite potentials, moment to moment, new games to play, new experiences to be had.

Without a head full of thought, of measurements, of judgements and conclusions, of deletions, distortions and generalisations, of a sense of identity that wants to be seen a certain way, we are free to let things come and go, come and go….no need to hold on, nothing to be gained by standing still, just an honouring of the flow of life.

Like a child with free flowing energy we can enjoy again the excitement of full perceptual awareness that is to be found in a quiet mind.

So……..go on, let it go!

Happy Autumn Equinox ♥

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