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You are SO much bigger than a 5 year old!

By Alison | March 20, 2019

Hello Spring! Today is officially Spring Equinox a full Moon and for those of you who know what this means, it is also Mercury Retrograde! Phew…..are you feeling it? It is essentially a time when all our past hurts, wounds and ego stories come knocking on the door and want to sit down and have…

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30 Days To Happiness #1

By Alison | October 15, 2014

My mission for the next thirty days is to help you bring more personal happiness to your world! To bring you hints, tips and tools that could increase your level of personal happiness, if you are ready for that. I’m sure most of them you will have heard before, they will be sitting there in…

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My wish for you for 2014

By Alison | December 31, 2013

So here’s the thing. We are all born and we all die and in between we have circumstances. We arrive in a family that may or may not be our blood relatives, who are all skilled at having their own issues and problems. We have experiences and take on some of their skill at their…

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Removing the mask- Step Two

By Alison | September 8, 2013

So, this step may seem a bit out there and there is a concept that needs to be understood in order to take the step and the concept is – results. What is showing up in your life- in your job, your friendships, your relationships, your bank account etc. are the results of your thinking,…

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Masks and how to begin making the unconscious conscious.

By Alison | September 4, 2013

Have you ever asked- “What do I hide about myself?“, or wondered, when you are looking to outside experiences to make you happy- such as shopping, drinking, keeping busy, dieting, etc ” What am I avoiding feeling?”. In creating an image for the outside world – “Who I want you to think I am”, we…

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