You are as stuck as you think you are

By Alison | June 15, 2019

A lot of clients come to me because they are feeling stuck. There is a sense that they want change. They are dissatisfied with their relationship, their job, their life, feeling lack-lustre and as if the really ought to be more to life than the mundane 9-5 eat, sleep, repeat life. So, let’s examine the…

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Where the fuck did my mojo go?? And why I don’t need to save the world anymore!

By Alison | July 23, 2017

I have been sitting in front of my lap top for several hours over the course of the last few days now. I want to write. I love writing. I want to help people through my writing. But somehow, even though that thought fills my mind when I stare at the screen, the flow, the…

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Lost in the illusion

By Alison | August 14, 2016

I often write from experiences that I have in my daily life to illustrate the power of the mind and this week I am getting up close and personal on my love life! I am dating at the moment. On a dating website. I have had a few unsuccessful dates which didn’t last longer than…

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