You are SO much bigger than a 5 year old!

By Alison | March 20, 2019

Hello Spring! Today is officially Spring Equinox a full Moon and for those of you who know what this means, it is also Mercury Retrograde! Phew…..are you feeling it? It is essentially a time when all our past hurts, wounds and ego stories come knocking on the door and want to sit down and have…

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Radical Forgiveness

By Alison | May 29, 2016

One of the greatest causes of unhappiness in our life is the thinking we believe when we are blaming another for what they have done to hurt or inconvenience us in some way. When life has not gone how we felt that it should. There is a believing of them/life against us and in that we feel a…

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Time to re-programme?

By Alison | August 11, 2013

How many years have you practiced thinking a certain way and hardwired it in to your subconscious mind so that now you don’t even have to think about the event to create the feelings? What feelings and thoughts have you memorized for many years, recalling the time/event many years ago, that you now believe and…

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