I glimpsed something in conversation with a client this week, and it was the realisation that we are treating our bodies the same as we are treating the Planet.

If you want to change the world, start with yourself first.

There is much talk about climate change and Extinction Rebellion at the moment. We are starting to hear what the planet has been trying to communicate to us for a long time.

Nature is in constant communication with us but most of the time we walk around in our own little worlds completely blinkered to what is trying to be said and often don’t hear until the whispers become shouts.

I’m sure as members of this community you are in a different level of awareness and have been making more conscious choices for a while now, but humanity in general, continues to abuse, to dis-respect, to pillage and to plunder natural resources.

But what occurred to me this week, and the point of this writing, is that we do the same thing with our bodies- our own planets.

Our bodies are also in constant communication with us.

I’m not talking about thoughts, they in most cases are really not worth listening to! 

What I am talking about is the guidance system that we are plugged in to, that is a consciousness and an intelligence far greater than we are.

If we were in charge of beating our heart, of pumping our blood, of growing our hair, healing our wounds, shedding our skin, filtering toxins, settling our minds back down and all the other things that are being done for us I’m sure we wouldn’t make a very good job of it.

But our bodies, powered by intelligent design, keep doing their thing for us. It loves us unconditionally and asks for nothing in return- the same as the Planet that keeps giving and asks for nothing in return.

And yet we ignore our bodies in the same way as we have ignored the Planet.

Our internal organs keep doing their best, regardless of what we are putting in, regardless of whether we leave our body sitting around for days, regardless of how much respect we show for it, regardless of how loving the choices are that we make for it.

We expect it to deal with whatever we throw at it- junk food, alcohol, nicotine and worse.

So, what is the point of this ranty realisation that I had??

Where did we learn to stop loving and treat ourselves in this way?

Where did we learn to stop loving and treat the Planet in this way?

And if we are becoming more conscious of how we treat the Planet, when are we going to start with becoming more conscious of how we treat our body?

So maybe the answer really does lie in this quote- 

If you want to change the world, start with yourself first.

We have to listen to our bodies. We have to tune in and really listen to whether our body wants alcohol put into it, whether it wants sugar put into it, whether it wants junk food put into it and whether we just expect it to keep regenerating itself despite all of that.

Or whether it wants to be loved and respected and appreciated.

And maybe, via being more loving and conscious of what we are putting in us, and on us, then we will make more loving and conscious choices when we shop, and maybe we would just eat what is local and in season, direct from the suppliers and through loving ourselves in this way and making these small choices we are contributing to loving and respecting the Planet more and we become part of the change in a bigger way.

And of course there is a deeper level to this too! As you might expect.

We are losing touch with our ability to really hear guidance from our bodies.

Our bodies are our sat-nav for our life. 

Our body is always in the present moment. It can’t be anywhere else! 

Try putting your arm in next week.

Our minds move back and forth through time, recalling fragments of the past or predicting the future, but our bodies remain in the present.

However- our bodies interpret the signals from our mind and they don’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

Therefore our emotional reactions get felt within the nervous system of the body, as expansions and contractions.

But when we tune into our body with nothing on our mind then we are getting a clear signal.

So, the next time you have a decision or choice to make just take a moment and get quiet. Ask the question in your mind and see if you have any physical response, see if there is a knowing. See if there is a response to yes or no.

This is similar to Kinesiology, or muscle testing as it is more commonly known- the measuring of the nervous systems response to sensory information.

The intelligence behind the system that powers our body, that is the energy behind all life, that is responsible for us having this conscious experience always knows what we need and what is right for us. It is our gut/heart instinct, minus our thinking ego, that we can use to guide us through life.

Start listening. It will never let you down.