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Alison Heather Sutton

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“I hope I screw this up”

You don’t HAVE any limitations- you are just addicted to them……

Our minds are great at coming up with reasons why we shouldn’t do something we want to do. My favourite always used to be- “You are not good enough” (I think that one was instilled in me several times throughout my childhood)(by me I hasten to add). It became the character that I lived from for many years- you are not good enough to go to art school, you are not good enough to follow that dream, you are not good enough to be part of that group….and of course if I chunk it all the way back down to birth, as an adopted child, you are not good enough to be my baby- deep programming going on there!

That flavour of thinking, which I filtered people’s words and responses through many a time, became the character I thought I was…and my life was lived from that limited place. She was nervous in groups, because she wasn’t good enough, she didn’t feel as if she fitted in to her family, because she wasn’t good enough, she wouldn’t go to certain places or mix with certain people, because she thought she wasn’t good enough, she missed many opportunities because she thought she wasn’t good enough. I could have stuck a post-it note on my forehead that said “I am not good enough” and just let the world know, because that was how I was feeling inside.

Thankfully I saw through that illusion some years ago now and when I did, my goodness did life change- all the things you can do when suddenly you just believe a different thought. There was no reality to it of course, it was just some thinking that I was having an experience of.

Thought~ creates feeling~ creates experience.

What’s your favourite flavour of limitation that you hang our habitually in? That belief that has you stay small, that stops you from following your dreams, that prevents you from taking action or just doing stuff you want to do?

Gather your stories up and bring them along to Bath for an 8 week course I am running to help you blow through all of your mind made illusions, to help you break free from them and to create something new and exciting that is the world of possibility which opens up when all those limitations drop away.

Starting on July 4th, 7.30 – approx 9.30 in The Practice Rooms in Bath

Eight sessions of discussion topics, group exercises, activities and videos designed to take you on a journey of deepening your insights and connection to Self.

This programme based on Kyle Cease’s new book “I Hope I Screw This Up” is about accessing the part of yourself that truly loves every part of you.

It is about embodying the knowing that actually, whatever happens, you are still ok and always will be and that when fear is present you are only having fearful thinking.

It will help you to move beyond the limitations that the mind has created into a world of infinite possibilities.

Please email me for more details- spaces are very limited.



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