ruby1A friend of mine the other day said why don’t you write about how to survive Christmas and about the importance of taking “me” time to get through the holiday season. But I thought I would go one better than that and point you to the fact that whatever time of year it is, and whatever is going on around you, that it is perfectly possible to be cool, calm and collected in any circumstances and I mean any.

So I was thinking about this and preparing to write the article last night when my dog had a funny turn. To cut a long story short I had to take her to the emergency vet as she fainted and it appeared she was having some kind of heart issue.

In the past I have been rubbish in a crisis. I have instantly gone into meltdown which has resulted either in me becoming emotional or freezing and not being of any use to anyone. It was almost as if blind panic set in and literally obscured my wisdom and my ability to act.

However, last night was different. I have been around the type of coaching I do for some years now and it has impacted my life hugely. Knowing how the human mind works and how our interpretation of life’s happenings make up our experience of it has changed my life massively, but often I can’t see the ways in which life is easier until something out of the ordinary happens.

Last night, instead of a head full of cotton wool and an inner dialogue firing at me “Oh my God she is dying/ What am I going to do/ If I don’t do this I am going to let her down/ What will life be like without her/ I can’t bother the Vet at this time of night” and various other scenarios where I was seeing my lonely future, I just got quiet. And in the quiet, without the personal “poor me” emotional drama, I knew what to do for the best.

I guess this is a little like how the emergency services work. They turn up to an event that doesn’t hold an emotional charge for them as it would ordinarily not involve people they know. I’m not saying they are not compassionate for the people they care for but they don’t have a personal emotional story attached to the event and therefore have clarity and calm, and access to their training, wisdom and sensibility.

The way of seeing the world that I share doesn’t come from tools or techniques, there isn’t anything to get wrong as there is nothing to learn. It is just an understanding; an understanding that runs deep, becomes pervasive and sustainable.

I didn’t have to remember to get quiet, I just did; I didn’t have to manipulate my thinking and reassure myself everything would be ok, I just didn’t pay attention to any thoughts that popped up. There is always more than one way of seeing things, our life is based on ours.

PS She recovered and is sleeping happily on my bed.