Hi, I'm Alison

Back in 2002 I changed the course of several people’s lives when I decided to leave my then husband in order that I could “find myself”. I had my mid-life crisis at 39 and, as an all or nothing type, I pressed self-destruct on my marriage of 20 years.

Outwardly I had a life most people would be envious of, but inside I had no sense of identity or self-esteem and felt trapped and as if I had lost my autonomy and my freedom.

For about a year after I partied like a teenager again. At last I had the freedom I had craved, and I thought this was the answer, but it wasn’t long until the initial euphoria wore off and I found that I had brought myself with me, all my old beliefs and programming, into this new life.

I started to become fascinated by self development and voraciously read everything that was available back then - Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Eckhart Tolle. I felt frustrated, guilty and wanted to understand what was causing me to still be feeling the same even though my circumstances had drastically changed.

Why wasn’t the grass greener on the other side?

I became consumed with learning everything I could in an effort to find my own peace of mind and deeper connection to life. I studied earth based spiritual traditions, manifestation and energy work, Hypnosis, EFT, Soul Journey and Inner Child work. I became an NLP Master, I meditated daily, and as the years passed I listened to hours of Mooji and Rupert Spira, Dr. Joe Dispenza and his scientific approach to the placebo effect and Kyle Cease.

It became my life’s passion to understand the fundamental laws of the universe from a scientific perspective, how to use self-reflection and understanding thought processes; to understand the immense power of the mind to create our personal reality and how we can get more connected to our heart and our soul so that we may live a more contented life.

I wanted to learn how to balance the material and the spiritual worlds and how to answer the question, even with my millionaire lifestyle “there has got to be more to life than this”.

I trained as a Life Coach and was working, helping people to fulfil their goals and in my continued thirst for improvement I stumbled across something called The Three Principles, first articulated by Sydney Banks and finding that understanding and subsequently training in it, changed my world forever.

My clients started to tell me they felt different around me. They told me that somehow, just by spending time with me that they started to slow down, their minds stopped racing and they felt calmer, more optimistic and more more settled down.

I had found deep spiritual principles, that can be backed up by science and quantum physics that explain how life works and how we create our moment to moment experience of life, irrespective of what is happening in our world and I was living from that place.

Now I don’t want to paint a picture of perfection, far from it! I still get caught up in innocent misunderstandings as I am sure you currently are too.

There are days when I find myself with a head full of thinking, when I believe my thoughts and feel low and when I lose sight of the amazing creative capacity that we all have and how we are connected to an invisible force that I call the intelligence behind the system.

But they are few and far between and they pass quickly, and I certainly don’t seek to change my circumstances or reach for my credit card (my old emotional suppressant of choice)  in order to make myself feel better, or practice losing my sense of self in an effort to please people or have superficial relationships.

And now all of these experiences and this learning is what underpins the methodology I share today to help people to transform their lives, to bring forward their inner resilience and creativity even when it looks as if they have explored all avenues already.

It took me £1000’s of pounds in training and hours of studying, but what I now share and teach is an understanding that points people in a different direction to where love, peace of mind, gratitude, appreciation and contentment exist- inside them self, underneath all of their busy thinking and who they innately are.

I always say that if this understanding can help me, it can help anyone. And yes, that means you, too. No matter how things may look to you right now. If you're feeling stuck in a rut and you desperately want to get "unstuck" and know -- really experience -- what this understanding can really do for you, I want to help….before you have to press self destruct on your life.

Before I explain exactly how, I'd like to tell you something else that I know to be true, 100 percent. If you spend concentrated time exploring this understanding in the deepest way possible, it's impossible for you *not* to have a breakthrough.

Our relationship with our self is the most important relationship we have, and from there every other relationship either succeeds or fails.

That might sound like a blinding flash of the obvious but as I learnt more about how life worked and who I really was, without insecure thinking going round and round in my head, I found peace of mind and clarity that changed everything.

It transformed my relationships.

It settled me down. It got me out of my head and into my heart.

I found how to be okay with my past and to bring forgiveness, resolution and insight.

I learned how to "be" with my feelings when they arose

I learned how to be less reactive and more compassionate.

It changed my feelings of security, happiness, well-being and contentment.

It silenced the never ending mental chatter of comparison, let down, doom, gloom, jealousy and fear.

It enabled me to feel differently about myself, to understand myself and to reconnect with my spiritual self and a deep inner peace

And, most of all. it allowed me to feel positive, to see a new future and to move towards it with inner security and confidence

If you recognise yourself in any of the above, or are at that transition time in life when you want to create something new I would love to support you.


This is what a past client had to say about me (blush!!)

"The first thing I noticed about Alison was her remarkable presence. I met her at a time when I was met a lot of coaches, online and in person, and it was that presence that stood out immediately.
Alison has a loving, accepting composure that’s visible, whether you’re in a conversation with her or reading something she’s written. It’s difficult to describe, because it’s so rare! There’s a strength and a lightness that touches you. And not in a striving, struggling sense, but in a grounded, soulful way.
When Alison listens to you, you feel 100% heard. That is a very special experience, for someone to have the confidence and maturity to be fully present with you, no matter what is being said. And as you feel heard, Alison asks questions. Questions that enable you to zoom out of the chaos of your thinking and emotions. Questions that enable you to see a different perspective and then, you can see your own perspective shift and different ideas and solutions present themselves. That’s what a powerful coach can deliver - they don’t prescribe an approach, but they lead you to your own realisations and solutions.
I love they way Alison has worked with and continues to work with all sorts of different modalities. One size doesn’t fit all and Alison’s breadth of experience lends itself to an approach that recognises and meets the needs of each client as an individual. She responds in the moment with what is helpful and doesn’t default to a single approach. This is a reflection of Alison’s own strength, allowing and accepting each client to be their individuality.
Alison is a strong, inspiring woman who enables you to find your best self, your true self. She enables you to navigate your way through life and find a strength and clarity within yourself, that comes from you. It isn’t a doctrine she installs, it’s a way of being that enables your inner resilience and creativity to come forward, even when circumstances can appear tough."

And when I am not coaching- I love to cook and bake vegan food and I have another business called Posh Vegan that supplies personal and corporate catering, farm shops and conscious spiritual retreats with delicious, nutritious, naughty but clean Vegan food. I enjoy writing and wrote a chapter for a book called ” Thirteen Women, An Anthology” . I wrote for Bath Weekend Magazine for a year as their life coach. I like observational humour- people like Russell Brand and Tim Minchin. I love being out in nature, observing the cycles of the moon and being in the woods, my favourite place to walk and lose myself. Other passions include dancing, music, baking bread, River Cottage, my MX5, being in nature, and fire, I love watching fire. Oh, and I am a Guinness World Record holding Skydiver!

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