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I watched the Time Travelers’ Wife last night…..not the most exciting of films but thought provoking never the less. I mused about how it could be fun to be able to time travel, apart from the bit that each time he did, he arrived in his new location naked!

The more I have reflected on the theme the more I have realized that actually we do all time travel, every day and probably several times a day.

My daughters Dad has just time traveled forwards about twelve months. She put a very eloquent and adult case to him about why she would like to spend her savings on a car. He traveled forward in time, collected all his evidence against her reasons that might happen in a years time, made a prediction like a gifted fortune teller, and decided it was not time for her to have her dream because of “this and that” he could forsee.

He is motivated by loving and protecting her…she has framed it as Dad doesn’t trust me or want me to grow up.

He also traveled back in time at the same time, he always was a clever man, back to the time our other daughter had her savings and bought a car and, for whatever reason unique to her, it did not work out for her. He compared and concluded; she is left feeling like she has driven into a brick wall….even without the car!!

So, my offering to him was-

What if the opposite of all of the reasons why you think she shouldn’t have the money for a car were true?

What if it is all part of her learning for life and unless she experiences disappointments or challenges she will not get the learning or the tools for the next time?

What if she now creates a belief that her decisions are not heard or respected?

You see time travel is all well and good, in the right frame of mind. If however, we approach each journey, situation or person in a negative state traveling back and forth, to compare, judge and predict, looking for all the things that <strong>will go wrong</strong> then we cut ourselves off to the possibility of the opposite being true.

Why create a future based on the past when the past is over? The present moment is actually the only thing we can be sure about and we can use our imagination to imagine in the future we desire.

Traveling to the future to look for all the things that could go right is a Hypnotic process anyone can do…it used to be called daydreaming when we were younger.

Sit quietly, use whatever technique works best for you to enter a state of Hypnosis,(an altered state of dream like consciousness) connect with and call upon your magical child self, that part of you who used to vision only a bright and beautiful future and apply it to a situation, experience or person…..look for all the things that could go right, see the future as you desire it to be, travel forward in time to see how it will feel to be, do and have your hearts desire; notice all the things you will do differently when you have your hearts desire, all the different things you might say, all the ways you may hold yourself differently…..really engage all your senses in connecting emotionally with everything going right in the future. Make the colours more vivid, the picture bigger and brighter, more real and bundle it all up into an energy bubble in front of you. See it swirling around inside the bubble, inviting you to step inside, to step forward into your future potential of limitless possibilities and when it is really clear, step inside, then send out little energy strands into the Universe, touching and firing up the people, places and processes needed to shift for it to become true for you.

The important aspect is to engage with the value, the emotional benefit….what is the energy of the desire, how will it feel- not defined or limited, but in its purest potential, and call that into your being, as if you had it already.

Living in a belief system of all good things needs other work for it to be truly authentic, otherwise we can just go straight into self sabbotage and disbelief, so this alone in not the answer, cleaning up your filters and your personal energy is also required, however, it does go a long way towards preparing for a positive mind set and using your mind to work for you rather than against you.

Blessings be on all your dreams ♥



DID YOU KNOW?… The Three Principles based approach to coaching I now follow is all about getting you to see, for yourself, the inside out nature of the human experience. And seeing (and feeling) that life works from the Inside Out is truly transformational!



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