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Alison Heather Sutton

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Success stories

Alison introduced me to something incredibly special in the 3 principles through our sessions. It was subtle and I felt I was being gently led by the hand through doors I’d seen before but never quite managed to open enough to see the splendour behind each one. Alison’s astuteness at realising what language to use that would ‘work’ for me in our sessions was a game changer and allowed the development of my awareness of the 3 principles to become enhanced each day. This was supported with the feedback from Alison after the sessions, which again captured the very essence of all we had spoken about without it sounding like a ‘project’. It was simply a continuation of our talking and the feedback really helped. I have loved every minute of our coaching, every feedback and most of all every minute of my newfound fascinating freedom inside. I am now genuinely smiling on the inside. 

Denise Cook


I have been attending sessions with Alison since February this year. Initially I wanted to focus on finding a relationship, but as the sessions have gone on, although that is still a focus for me, some other things have happened as a result that I was not expecting. My life view has become significantly more positive and I have a level of self belief that I didn’t previously have. The techniques she teaches, and the warmth with which she implements them really do give you an opportunity to view life differently, more productively and with a real sense that you, as an ordinary person can do it, can make a change that impacts deeply on your expectations and outcomes in life. You don’t have to be special or qualified at anything, I initially felt quite low before I started, and feel better than I have in mood for some time.

I can wholeheartedly recommend doing this, it WILL change your life!



I seem to have a lighter approach to my ex-partner, being generally more considerate, compassionate and friendly – and less caught up with my own concerns. And I notice that he seem to be more friendly to me—maybe he always had been and I hadn’t noticed (!) or maybe he is sensing a greater openness in me. I’m now often sharing something as simple as a smile with a stranger in the street 
There’s also a change in my business life – if someone I know well ‘kicks off’ about something, I’m much more considered in my response – gentler, without bringing emotion into the discussion, or being judgemental. Their strong opinions or reactions don’t seem to bother me anywhere near as much, and this seems to defuse potential conflict.



The experience has left me feeling lighter, and really encouraged, with a greater trust in the bigger picture, and the universe. There`s a lovely lightness to the world, and everything I do. I`ve been feeling a greater sense of self worth, and equally feel greater value and worth in everything, and everyone around me. 



Thank you for your clarity and insight in that sticky part of my life.  I have no doubt that working with you helped me to find the peace of mind and clarity that I needed.  I look forward to the next time….



I haven’t yet had the space to really consider the full effects of the work we`ve done in the last six weeks, but I do know I`m very much more positive about a lot of things, I have a clear path and also feel lighter now I have identified the way forward, even for things that have held me back for a long time.  



More Life Coaching Testimonials…

Since taking this journey of self discovery, I have been given the tools to unlock my true potential and tap into my inner voice and higher self. I have learned how to control my anxiety and how to remain in the present, in my true power.



In the last session l had a great realization that l didn’t have to stay in my mind as it is now and has been – l could think it into a different pattern – what a revelation!You are a great teacher, you give confidence and teach in an easy to understand way and helped me feel much better about myself.



I was completely unprepared for the effects our sessions would have on me! I came out of it with a sense of lightness and with great anticipation to see the results of the positive effects of the quiet mind that I now experienced.



Thank you so much for providing the very safe space for me to do this work.



First of all I need to thank you for the amazing work we have done together. It really was a great experience, and it helped a lot in my confusion. I recently started realising why some things are they way they are, and I plan to write an extensive text, but for now, all I want to say is that life looks very different!



I am very impressed with your passion for your work and your true concern for people’s wellbeing. A rare trait. I am also in awe of the fact that you have found and are following your true path in your lifetime. It gives me hope. Hope to see you very soon. take care x



Thank you for such a lovely session and experience, you are truly wonderful at what you do.



Why not see for yourself how Coaching with Alison can transform your life.

For details of what’s involved read either: 3 Principles: From Powerless to Empowered or About The Inside Out Understanding.

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