Stress and Anxiety Programme

Does this sound like you?

You wake up in the morning with a knot in your stomach.

Cleaning your teeth actually makes you feel sick as you start to think of your day ahead.

You are not really sleeping well because there’s so much stuff going round in your head.

Your health is starting to suffer as you have a system full of stress hormones from the “raging bulls” you are having to look in the eye every day.

It’s fear. Fear is what it feels like you are dealing with.

Fear of illness; fear of money worries; fear of not doing something well enough and that you are a failure; fear of losing your job; fear of losing a loved one; fear of a world you cannot control; fear of the end of a relationship…….the list goes on, and the resulting symptoms that you are suffering from are commonly called stress and anxiety.

Because you have so much going on you spend a lot of time thinking about the future…..running a risk analysis. You almost believe that’s what you should do, because if you care about your situation, or worry about it more then you might find solutions or at least ways to mitigate your circumstances. This only serves to create more stress but you are caught up in believing that when times are hard you need this extra pressure to get through it.  That, and the belief that you are the “type” of person who is susceptible to stress. Even if it makes you feel powerless.

However, you notice that on the weekends you feel ok. You feel more settled.

The raging bull is still there in the field, scrapping his hoof on the ground, steam coming from his nostrils, with a menacing look in his eyes, but you feel ok. You have managed to compartmentalise the bull. You think about him during the week when you are staring him in the eye, but you don’t think about him at the weekend.

Don’t you find that curious? The bull didn’t go anywhere but it seemed because he was not in your line of vision, and you had no thinking about him you felt ok.

But let’s stop for a moment and ask our self, what is the bull actually made of?

Is he made of reality, facts and information that are happening today, (which by the way we humans have a huge capacity for wisdom and resilience to deal with) or is he made of something else…..future projections, feelings of no self worth, needing an outcome to be a certain way…….in other words, is he made of thinking?

Could it be that all the stress you have been feeling in the body hasn’t been coming from the situation at all, but what you have been THINKING about the situation? Could it be that you are feeling bad, not because of  WHAT you are seeing, but HOW you are seeing it? And could it be, in the wise words of someone who’s name I don’t know, that if you were to change how you were seeing life, then the life you are looking at changes?

And,…..that when you begin to notice that your experience of life, and of bulls, is generated entirely by thought alone, could you get curious as to what that would change?

If so, please get in touch and I will give you more information about my Stress and Anxiety Programme.

But hang on a minute, I hear you say, bulls are tangible, job loss is tangible, death is tangible, illness, lack of money….they are all real things that you can touch, they are all real bulls. And I am not saying they aren’t. But what I find useful to get curious about is, just how MUCH of the bull is real, and how much of how you are feeling is coming from worrying about what the bull MIGHT do.

In a nutshell, if you really were stood in a field, eye to eye with a raging bull, with a clear head and access to your innate wisdom you would KNOW the best thing to do is to take a wide berth and walk calmly round it…….however with a head full of fear you would try and run in the opposite direction….and that’s going to cause you all sorts of problems!

Please get in touch to find out more about my stress and anxiety programme if you would like to explore this further.