My favourite saying is "The Universe is always working in your favour"

However there are times when we really can't see this! When everything seems as if it is working against us, when life feels unfair and we feel despair and wonder if we have been abandoned and rejected by the very thing that we normally have so much trust in.

Spiritual Mentoring with Alison is for those times when you have lost connection to your sense of self and who you are; when you have lost connection to Source and can't seem to make sense of the world and your place in it.

It is for those times when you feel abandoned, when you feel like life is going against you and you can't seem to find your centre and you need to be "held" and guided back to see how the Cosmic Consciousness, the Intelligence Behind Life, the Divine, whatever term you use to describe Source, is here and hasn't ever abandoned you or left you and still has your back, you are just not seeing it right now.

Learn to trust, to stay calm in the eye of the storm and to sit in a place of uncertainty.

This may be achievable in one session or a few sessions. Please contact Alison for an informal chat to discuss what will best support your return to peace of mind.