I strongly believe that peace of mind is our birthright and help should be available to anyone who needs guidance to return to their centre, their joy and their happiness.....and....I am very well aware that, for some reading this, it is out of your budget to able to afford professional help.

I have thought long and hard how to overcome this and create a fair system so that I don't turn anyone away from the opportunity of having coaching to create change in their life and to get the help you need to do this.

I have been inspired to offer the following pricing structure and I trust 100% in your honesty when answering these questions.

Please decide from your heart which of the following options best suits your circumstances-



  • I have minimal/no disposable income and would like to make an application to be considered for six free coaching sessions to be taken over a six month period.
  • I have limited disposable income but can pay £45-£75 per session for 1:1 coaching and I would like to apply for six sessions to be taken over a six month period.
  • I am okay for disposable income and can pay the standard rate of £150 per session and would like to speak about a six session package to be taken over a three month period.
  • I am well off and would like to pay double the standard rate at £300 per session to fund another person who is unable to pay and discuss a completely bespoke option.

Please email me your choice of what you are able to pay and a short note about your reasons for applying for free or reduced rate sessions and what you would like help with to change.