riverSo here we are, just about half way through the year.

I always think that this is a good time to do a life review and see where there are any tweaks and changes that need to be made. It is so easy to get caught up in life’s busyness and lose sight of what feeds and nurtures us and to lose sight of where we are on, or off track, towards the bigger picture of the life we want to lead. To lose sight of the next best thing to do.

At the beginning of a coaching relationship many coaches use a tool called the Wheel of Life. This is a great way to look at all the areas of your life and to rate them from 1-10 as to how close to how we would like them to look they are. The wheel covers career, money, time with family, relationships, exercise/diet, spirituality, and money etc. – all the elements of a well-rounded fulfilling life. Together we look at where you are now and where you want to be and work out the incremental changes to get you closer to your desired life. We can see visually how wobbly your wheel is and where needs the most work to bring it back into balance. It’s not to say we can control life’s happenings, but in order for things to show up it’s good to have a target in mind, and expect the unexpected!

The thing is if we want something to be different in our life we have to be something different. It sounds like an obvious statement but you would be amazed at how some people think change will come knocking on their door without any action or shift in thinking on their part. And maybe it does sometimes, if that is how it is written, but for the most part we have to be in the river to get carried by the flow.

After assessing how life looks, and, incidentally, there is a direct relationship between how life looks and your thinking, then we can see the gap between where you have a net of thinking going on that you have got caught up in, and your desires- and what is coming between you and them is usually only thought you are taking seriously and acting out from, believing in a self-limiting Truth.

What you are seeing when we do a life review is always your own thinking in form.

I work a lot with business people, entrepreneurs starting up on their own, and what interests me is that the edges that get hit and the insecurities that they share are all very similar. To insecure people it can look as if we are walking around in a world where everyone else is confident, only to discover that underneath it all, we all have times when we feel we are not good enough, or confident enough or brave enough, or ready, or capable or that we are going to get found out.

This is a reflection of your mind masquerading as a version of reality that can be melted and dissolved away when you understand the source of the problem is only your own thoughts.