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Are you ready to wake up and say YES to life again?

Welcome to a community of women, learning who they really are and how to trust their inner compass.

Welcome to peace of mind and freedom from binge-thinking!

I have been helping women for the past eight years to find deeper meaning and purpose to their lives beyond the superficial and to experience a more authentic, more fulfilling life by moving beyond their habitual ways of thinking and stuck mind-sets.

I’m often asked for tools and techniques to help people to feel better about their inner emptiness and fears about a future of conformity and feeling stuck, but the honest answer is that it’s far simpler than that.

The chances are right now that you are worrying about your future and over-thinking it, so I don’t want to give you more to do, my job is to help you have less on your mind, because that place of quietness is where you have access to inspiration, your intuition and where the magic happens, AND where you can finally look in the mirror and know who is looking back at you and what she wants.

Through a method that combines all that is best of of science, ancient wisdom and spirituality you can move beyond your current confusion and be free to live with gratitude, appreciation and being true to one’s soul, feeling inspired and with a vision for a new direction.

This truth will set you free to live in the moment with full enjoyment. 

I'm here to tell you-

This is the end of frustration.

No more spending hours wishing your life was different, not knowing what to do.

No more anxiety, sleepless nights, desperately wanting change and excitement.

No more wondering who you are and what your role is.

It is time to find balance and come back to yourself.

The search is over.

I spent years looking in the wrong place and I would love to save you the time, the heartache, the destruction, the sadness, the guilt, the money and most of all your precious life by sharing everything that I know to be true for you that will catalyse your internal contentment so you can make decisions for leading your best life.

If I can do it, believe me, anyone can, and I can help you short-cut, what turns into for some, as being a lifetime search.

And I would love to be your guide and support to help you find your own way home, that place of peace that exists inside you.

So if you are saying this, like a client I worked with recently........

"It’s been going on for years, far too long, now is the time for change. Life is short and I am ready to create change, to take responsibility for my life, ready to see something new and am open to what might arise. I want to expand, to experience my true nature, to feel at peace and have fun. I’m committed, ready to immerse myself in the process and re-discover my true spirit. I’m prepared to go all in and do the work so that in years to come when I reflect on my life I know I did the best I could with it."

.......then I would love you to book in for a complimentary consultation to see if we would work well together to help you find your contentment, peace of mind and joy for life again, even if you currently can’t see that as a possibility.

See below all the different ways we can work together. I am sure you will find something that is right for you.

And if this is the first time you have considered coaching and are wondering what it actually is, let me ease your concerns and tell you it is not something you can get right or wrong, it is me listening to you, guiding and pointing you to see your own wisdom and your own resources so that you are ready to transform your life and be who you really are.

Ways we can work together-

On-Line Course

Go at your own pace

In "Get A New Life"- you will 

Learn where your experience of life is coming from

Discover how to fall back in love with life

Bring resolution and completion to the past

Learn about your in-built resilience and how you can be okay despite outward circumstances

Get A New Life- Investment of £147

Email modules | Exercises | Feedback

Please email me for more information alison@alisonheathersutton.co.uk

Group Coaching

The Contentment Programme group coaching

We will meet as a group once a week, by Zoom, for six weeks. Every week prior to this you will receive a video and a written module which will be discussed on the call and you will be able to ask questions and get live coaching. You will also have access to a private Facebook community and hang out with like minded women.

We will cover-

How changing your inner world creates a new outer world

How to re-wire your brain from feeling stuck and hopeless to solutions and believing in a new future

Discover the truth about how life works and the key to happiness and contentment

Find peace of mind and an inner connectedness that never lets you down

Your inclusive investment is £947

Please write to me to go on the waiting list for the next course

1-1 Coaching

This is 1-1 coaching, completely bespoke to you and your needs. There are various ways we can work together ranging from one month to a year. This can be in person or via Zoom.

Please contact me for an initial conversation to apply for a place.  Starter programmes are ten sessions with full email support between sessions and audio and written materials, depending on your needs and each one is designed specifically for you.

People invest £1975 for 1-1 coaching

Fees are non-refundable as I trust you to make the right decision

Please book in a chemistry call to apply, ask questions and see if we are a good fit to work together https://calendly.com/alisonheathersutton/free-consultation

VIP Coaching Intensive

This is a very special invitation for busy professionals, possibly near burn out, to slow down and rest, and to take a deep inward journey revealing the illusions of the human experience and how we can be in our True Nature, as spirit being human, experiencing connection with all that is, resulting in emotional resilience, peace of mind and well-being regardless of the chaos of our life.

You will find yourself looking towards a new paradigm as we explore the Inside Out nature of reality.

Discussing what the implications of this are and how there is nothing in life to take personally we look at personal identity stories and how they creates strategies that effect how we show up in the world. We then go deeper into who we really are behind the version of the self we have constructed, towards a future of peace of mind, freedom and lasting life changing spiritual connection.

This is a 1-1 VIP programme, designed for busy professionals who want a deep diving transformation. They can be held either here in Bath, in Glastonbury, in London or I can come to you wherever you are in the world.

Fully inclusive- price is location dependent

Please call me on 07713626673 to arrange an application call


The Practice Rooms in Bath

Relationship/Life Coaching in Bath is held in The Practice Rooms, conveniently situated in the centre of this beautiful City. The Practice Rooms,  26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath  BA1 1RH

For sessions in Herts/Bucks please contact me.

Sessions wherever you are in the world via Zoom- contact me for details

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