There will be two types of people who have landed on this page. Those that feel it's possible to feel different to how you are feeling right now and those that feel it's hopeless but don't want to feel like you do any longer.

You are both welcome and both in the right place.

There is a way to transform your experiences without pushing away your feelings, reaching out for distractions and ways to numb how you feel, or feeling overwhelmed by things you can't control.

See below some of the different ways we can work together. I am sure you will find something that is right for you.

And if this is the first time you have considered coaching and are wondering what it actually is, let me ease your concerns and tell you it is not something you can get right or wrong, it is me listening to you, guiding and pointing you to see new possibilities, your own wisdom and your own resilience so that you are ready to feel more emotionally settled.

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Being real

Life Coaching in Bath, Glastonbury and On-Line

Sessions wherever you are in the world via Zoom- contact me for details

Life Coaching in Bath is held at The Soul Spa, which is located near to the Thermae Baths in the centre of Bath.

For sessions in Glastonbury please contact me.


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