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Nature Wisdom Coaching Process

Nature Wisdom Coaching Process

There is an intelligence behind the system that still leaves me in awe sometimes.

This intelligence is seen at its most tangible in nature.

New growth bursting through the ground in the Spring, the blooming of flowers in the Summer, a bountiful harvest of vegetables in the Autumn and leaves letting go to fall from the trees to allow for rest during the Winter, providing fertiliser for the roots and new growth the following year.

Lessons in allowing, flexibility, surrendering and resilience.

We can trust in the natural cycle and order of things.

Here in Bath we are lucky to have so many green spaces to wander in and connect with this intelligence.
Scientific studies show that natural environments have remarkable benefits for human health. Exposure to nature not only makes us feel better emotionally, it contributes to physical well-being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Walking amongst trees, breathing in the fresh new oxygen being produced around us, through the miraculous process of photosynthesis, somehow makes our shoulders fall and our thinking slow down.

It is this undeniable intelligence that Nature Wisdom Coaching taps into.

The same energy that grows trees from a seed can offer us the potential for the fresh growth of ideas and potentiality when we slow down and tune in, purposefully.

There are times in life when we get stuck in our heads. Caught up in a tangle of thought, finding it hard to make a decision, to know if we are on the right path, or in a creative block with an urge to find new inspiration, clarity and wisdom or a way forward.

Nature has much to teach us and the parks, forests and woodland can support us to reveal new insights and perspectives on life when we tune in because they offer the ideal conditions to drop out of our busy minds and into our own innate intelligence.

Nature Wisdom Coaching begins with a conversation. We walk, and we talk, and discuss an area of your life that you would like fresh new insight into, and a well-formed question emerges.

I then invite you to slow down and tune into your surroundings and use sensory techniques such as touch, sight and sound, to explore the nature of life around you.
I then guide you to consider a series of questions that will have arisen from our conversation relating to your “blockage” as you walk and notice what you notice.

Shapes, colours, movements, smells, sounds….they all have something to teach us, through metaphor, when we have eyes and ears to hear.

We all know really that we when add more thought to thought that things get confusing.

The nature of sky is that it is a clear open space, with clouds passing through and occasional storms. And so, it is true of our minds. We are the clear open space and thought forms the clouds which pass through which sometimes get dense and heavy as a storm brews. When this happens, the clouds obscure the sun, but the sun is always there, we only have to wait for the clouds to pass and we will feel the warmth again.

And as it always does in nature, so it does in our lives. The sun always comes out again no matter how overcast it gets sometimes.

Waiting for the clouds to pass is the natural order of things, nature shows us the way.

Having walked with the question held loosely in mind we then re-convene to notice what you have noticed and to reflect on what has arisen for you.

The first time I experienced coaching in a similar way to this was a profound experience for me as I reconnected to that sense of being a child, playing in the woods at the end of my garden. I had felt stuck in my business, not knowing which direction to take it in. Nothing really felt like “me”, and my work didn’t feel like it was coming from an authentic place.

Through considering a series of questions whilst I wandered I reconnected with that sense of curiosity and wonderment and remembered that nature was where my heart lay. Above anything else I noticed that growth occurs in the letting go of trying to control and by just letting nature take its course. To stop “efforting” and pushing and to trust in the flow and unfolding.

To trust in the intelligence behind the system.

It may be a new insight that drops in, it might be trusting in your intuition as to which path to take, or it might be as simple as a pattern in a stone that prompts a new idea; whatever it is the intelligence is there, we just need to stop and tune in.

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