By Alison | May 4, 2017

#listeningpost Coaches are trained to listen. And some just do it naturally. In fact we listen deeply. We are not listening from a place of fixing or advising, we are just listening. We listen from a place of knowing that people’s emotional wellbeing and wisdom are always available. We listen knowing that everyone already has…

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Boundaries and why you don’t need them

By Alison | January 22, 2017

Clients often say to me that they feel the need to set boundaries to stop someone taking advantage of them, so they can feel confident in saying a behaviour is not okay, to avoid the injustice of accusations and because it looks like being able to do that can create a feeling of inner confidence. Contained…

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On being your own worst enemy

By Alison | October 18, 2016

Have you ever heard the saying “You are your own worst enemy”? I am reading “The Intimate Enemy” by Guy Finley at the moment and it is this book that has prompted me to reflect on these words. Most people misguidedly interpret life as a series of events that are coming at us and when…

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Being calm in a crisis

By Alison | October 9, 2016

A friend of mine the other day said why don’t you write about how to survive Christmas and about the importance of taking “me” time to get through the holiday season. But I thought I would go one better than that and point you to the fact that whatever time of year it is, and…

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By Alison | September 26, 2016

I think there is probably an area in all of our lives where we wished that something was different? That we could feel more relaxed about life in general, calmer about things and not so in our head, over thinking. Or even less stressed and anxious about. However, let’s face it, most people don’t wake…

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The truth about depression…. Part two

By Alison | September 10, 2016

Follow up video to my post entitled “The truth about depression”. Please do get in touch if this has brought up anything for you or you would like to have a conversation about it.  

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The truth about depression

By Alison | September 8, 2016

Wow what a summer we had! Whether you had a staycation this year or went abroad I think we all got a taste of the sunshine. As the nights start drawing in and the days begin to get shorter it is said that some people are more prone to depression, and the modern day concept…

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Lost in the illusion

By Alison | August 14, 2016

I often write from experiences that I have in my daily life to illustrate the power of the mind and this week I am getting up close and personal on my love life! I am dating at the moment. On a dating website. I have had a few unsuccessful dates which didn’t last longer than…

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By Alison | July 4, 2016

I would like you to make a list of what causes you stress. Where does the stress in your life come from? It wouldn’t take a crystal ball to work out that for most of you it will include a selection of the following- My job/ workload. My boss/colleagues/staff. My girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband. My lack of relationship/…

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Be in the river to get carried by the flow

By Alison | June 19, 2016

So here we are, just about half way through the year. I always think that this is a good time to do a life review and see where there are any tweaks and changes that need to be made. It is so easy to get caught up in life’s busyness and lose sight of what…

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