Last week was student orientation week for me, for the on-line degree I have just started, and next week, two of the modules begin and lectures start. I find it quite hilarious to have a student card for the next three years, which will then quite quickly be replaced a year later by my senior citizen bus pass!

I think it is probably pretty rare for the very first meeting and introduction to a University academic programme to be a meditation, but that is what our first meeting was.

Something I wanted to share with you as a result, I have spoken about many times before, but it feels so important at this time to really understand and know the depth of, and that is-


The meditation that we were led through was to connect us to the energy of coming together as an intentional (and international) community, and we visualised the web that connected us to this cohort, to past students, to the University as a whole and to the web of impact that went beyond that, to families and friends, and in the case of several of us, into our clients lives and the lives of those they love.

We are living in difficult, historic times.

The more of us that can come together as an intentional community, holding a vision of an expanded way of living; living from a place of love and compassion as kindred spirits, irrespective of colour, creed, religion or belief system, in non-judgement and love, then, in these testing times, the greater chance humanity has of dealing with whatever natural, evolutionary, man-made phenomena and contemporary challenges are coming our way.

I got pulled all over the place energetically this week, caught up in thinking about possible climate futures for a couple of days and got reminded about how it used to be to be worried about an “imaginary” future.

Imaginary futures are one of the causes of anxiety and worry that clients come to me for. They are dealing with some life circumstances and they have predicted an outcome, usually unfavourable, and are then having fearful, anxious or worried thoughts about a possible future, thereby creating an experience of fear and anxiety.

I heard a story from my one of my mentors Jamie Smart once, about being stood for the first time in the queue for a rollercoaster with his daughter. She told him that she was feeling scared and nervous of being on the rollercoaster. Long story short, he reminded her that she had never been on a rollercoaster before, that in this present moment she was stood on solid ground without any experience of having been on a rollercoaster and yet she was feeling real feelings of fear based on how she thought she might feel when she was on the rollercoaster. It looked to her as if her fear was caused by the rollercoaster, but if you have been reading my newsletters for a while, you will recognise that her fear was created by her capacity to think, and not the ride itself!

We are rarely scared of what we think we are scared of; we are scared of what we think!

What we sometimes become “unconscious” of though is the wider impact of our thinking.

Each of us, whether we believe it or not, and whether we are aware of it or not, are emitting an energetic frequency and this has an impact in the quantum field of the collective consciousness- a bit like mass hysteria where a group or a crowd all start to believe in a certain outcome and then their minds make it happen.

Our thoughts are not only effecting our personal outcomes but they are contributing to the collective outcome.

There is a very interesting article here about mass hysteria 

Now, just to be clear here with what we know about the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness, our thinking cannot directly effect or “infect” another person, but what we do effect is the vibration/frequency that is created, that goes out into the collective consciousness.

A way to imagine this is to think of yourself as a colour. If you think of yourself as green you emit the frequency of green. If there was a room of 50 people and 45 of them were emitting green and only five were emitting red then overall the room would “feel” green.

Imagine what kind of world we could be living in if humanity collectively were emitting a frequency of love and only love.

Imagine what world leaders would be acting on in these times if they were in a frequency of love and caring instead of fear, blame, corruption and greed.

This is our responsibility, to ourselves and to each other, and collectively to the planet.

Next time you feel yourself getting caught up in fearful thoughts about the future remember you are creating a frequency of fear being felt first in your nervous system and then impacting the wider world energetically. And not only that, but effecting this one precious moment.

All through the power of your thoughts believed.

Today, Monday, as you receive this we are still in the effects of the New Moon in Libra that took place on the 28th and so it is still a great time to set your intentions for this coming lunar cycle.

When we set intentions with the new moon, they grow as the moon grows.

Please click here if you would like to download my FREE PDF on how to create a New Moon Intention setting ritual.

The link will take you to Google docs. Click on the first image and then scroll through.

There will be things you want to change in your life, and things we would all like to change in the world, but rather than thinking of what you judge to be “wrong” or “not enough”, think about how your heart feels when the situation is perfect. That open heart-ed love vibration is the energy to tune into and set your intentions and your frequency from.

Yes of course, on the deeper level our innate wellbeing is not effected by external comings and goings of circumstances; we are consciousness and eternal and our fleeting human experience will be immaterial, but for as long as I am inhabiting a human body and doing the human thang’ I would prefer to live surrounded by love and people operating from love.

How about you?

Love from my ♥ to yours ♥

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