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Concept of open mind as a a deep mountain cliff shaped as a human head with a ladder leading to the outside towards a glowing sun as a psychology and mental health metaphor for spiritual discovery.Hypnosis really helps because it gets to the cause of so many of your issues- your thinking.

We all  know logically the steps we need to take to change but sometimes we just can’t get our-self on side, or make consistent effort.

That is because your subconscious mind is not yet on-board.

You may have irrational fears or phobias or may be experiencing uncomfortable physical symptoms when you are thinking about a particular subject or faced with a circumstance an event or a person.

Feelings are the feedback mechanism that tell us what is going on in our mind, but sometimes we just don’t know what that is and whilst that is not actually important, it can prevent us from moving forward in our life.

The part of our mind that we are aware of is only 10% of our decision making and action taking process- the rest is hidden thinking. Contained within that hidden thinking is all the times in the past where we have experienced fear, loss, sadness and everything we have been told to be true about ourselves as children. It is where we hold negative fearful thinking that we may not even be aware of. It accounts for all the times you have felt to take action and the fear based “what ifs” have popped into your mind that hold you back from taking the next step.

And that is running 90% of your life…… most of the time.

We live in the experience of our thinking. 

Hypnosis is said to be the Placebo Effect in action, harnessing the power of your mind to make effective long lasting changes in your life, healing you from the inside ~ out.

Hypnotherapy will help you move forward even when you have been stuck for a long time.

By deepening into understanding that we are our own cause and effect and that what we think creates how we feel in any given moment, and that it is not something “outside” of us that is the source of our happiness or our sadness is very liberating.

Imagine how life could be when you have got your hidden thinking on side?

By working in this way we can release the effects of past distress and return to a state of balance. Future pacing to your desired outcomes allows your body to try on new ways of being, seeing and experiencing the world and what is great about that is, what we mentally rehearse becomes easier to make real because the brain has already begun creating the new neural pathways required. 

My particular interest is in mindfulness hypnosis, bringing you back to more choice and possibility in your life by creating inner peace that you can access on a daily basis

Hypnotherapy is effective for many issues of mind trickery, such as:

weight issues

stopping smoking

relationship difficulties


self esteem issues

stress and anxiety

digestive issues

panic attacks



sleeping difficulties

childhood trauma

pain relief


…….and many other things.

Whilst this all sounds very grand it is also very grounded in reality, simply and effectively offering you new perspectives on old problems, as we explore your sub-conscious mind, returning your energy and your confidence and turning your doubts and fears into dreams and excitement!  

Ways to work with Alison

Inner Peace with Mindfulness Hypnosis

This is a one off session that lasts an hour and takes you on a journey of deep inner peace. It’s a bit like a Spa Day for the mind!

It is for you if life feels overwhelming and you would like to just take some time out or if you have an up coming event that you are feeling fearful of and would like to relax into it. Maybe you would like to learn how to be more relaxed on a daily basis and free yourself from jumping on negative thought trains or perhaps you have a phobia that you would like some help with. It can also be used effectively to manage pain.

At the end of this session –

You will leave feeling deeply peaceful, relaxed and optimistic.

If it is a phobia you would like help with you will leave with a fresh mind set on your old fear.

You will learn a useful technique to calm the mind in situations that previously made you feel anxious.

What you get –

A one-2-one focused Hypnotherapy session between 60-90 mins tailored to your needs.

This session can be held in Bath or Glastonbury, or in some cases I can travel to you.


Dive Deeper

This is for you if you would like support through a process of change. It is also for you if you have a long standing issue that you would like help with clearing up, maybe an old belief that you cannot seem to shake off that is holding you back, or perhaps your thinking is creating anxious, fearful or depressed feelings in your body.  It is also useful if you would like to learn to live in peaceful acceptance or if you wish to break old patterns and create transformation.

What you will get-

Six one-2-one sessions designed personally for you. The first session will be an intake session where you will discuss your needs and learn how to use Mindfulness Hypnosis. Subsequent sessions are designed to take you deeper into understanding how your mind, despite having a positive intention, can work against your wish to transform and how to overcome that.

At the end of the course –

You will have gained clarity and insight into how your mind works.

You will have transformed your thinking to a more supportive state.

You will have reframed old issues from the past that have previously held you back, without the need to re-experience them.

You will feel more peaceful, positive and optimistic.

You will have integrated a useful tool that effectively creates transformation and brings more peace on a daily basis.

What you get-

Six one-2-one sessions, tailored specifically for you, held either in Bath or Glastonbury.

Please call me to discuss further. Please be aware some very deep seated issues sometimes take longer than six sessions to completely transform.

Dispelling common myths:

Anyone can be hypnotized providing they are willing.

I do not have control over you, you are given back control over yourself.

You will remember everything and you are always in control if at any time you want to stop the session.

Each session is completely confidential.

I work by a code of ethics that ensure you feel safe and know your dignity and privacy is protected.

“Hypnotherapy was really fascinating. I was concerned that it would not work for me as I worried I couldn’t be ‘hypnotised’ but that soon proved to be not the case. It was deeply relaxing and eye-opening at the same time. I learnt something about myself that will stay with me for some time and will help me live my life in a more conscious way.” Lorraine Hypnotherapy in Bath

white-room-207x139I offer Hypnotherapy sessions  from The Practice Rooms in Bath, conveniently situated in the centre of this beautiful City.


If you are ready and committed to working to towards changing your life for the better please contact me, either using the form below or by telephone on 07713 626673.

Hypnotherapy in Bath is at- The Practice Rooms,  26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath  BA1 1RH


2013-02-01 08.59.15Hypnotherapy in Glastonbury is held 5 mins from the centre of town, with plenty of parking available.


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