Women’s Transformational Connection Days

There is an intelligence in nature that is undeniable.

When we begin to notice how the small “me”, with it’s problems and it’s suffering, is part of creation itself and how when we switch our self-absorption to self enquiry,  so many of our perceived “problems” just simple don’t exist.

I understand that might be a leap of faith right now, it still is for me, but believe me what arises from self enquiry is so liberating you wonder how you ever thought you were stuck before.

I heard this poem by Rev. Safire Rose called She Let Go, that points beautifully to the effortless place we will look at-

Nature is where this intelligence can so tangibly be seen.

It begins in the winter, when the sun is low and the days are shorter. The trees have let go of their leaves and what has fallen becomes the creative fertilisation for what will be born in newness in the Spring.

As Spring arrives we notice birth; birth of baby animals, birth of new flowers as they push up through the ground and the birth of our new ideas that have been gestating in the dark.

Along comes Summer, the sun is higher in the sky and the days are longer. There is more activity. Nature around us blossoms and blooms and our projects and ideas may begin to come to fruition.

And so we turn to Autumn, where we gather in and harvest the fruits of our labours. Where we take all that is good and celebrate and store it’s reserves to come with us into the darkness, where we do our inner reflection.

In tuning in to the natural rhythms and cycles of life we embrace an holistic understanding of all things and become an interconnected part of the whole.

The same intelligence behind nature is the divine intelligence behind our lives.

As the wheel of the years turns we will look at themes such as these-

Spring- Seeding: Growth | Resilience | Trust | Creativity | Patience | Breathing Out

Summer- Blossoming: Beauty | Potential | Flourishing | Acceptance | Receiving

Autumn- Harvesting: Celebration | Nourishment | Gratitude | Preparation | Forgiveness

Winter – Quietening: Stillness | Integration | Releasing | Breathing In | Rooting

We will explore the themes outlined above through meditation, creativity, guided conversation and celebration.

Each day will cost £95 to include a vegan lunch.

These will be held in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in Glastonbury. Dates and venue for 2019 to be confirmed.

Book and commit to all four together to receive a 10% discount.

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