There is an intelligence in nature that is undeniable

There are many physical and psychological reasons to make finding time for yourself and following your own path a priority.

Being constantly at the whim of others doesn't give the brain a chance to unwind. These days are designed to give you the opportunity to unravel, reflect and relax.

Nature has a natural cycle to it. There is a flow between the seasons, the moon powers the tides as they rise and fall, the weather comes and goes and each of the four elements, earth, air, fire and water bring their own riches to our lives.

When we step out of time to tune into these natural cycles we find there is more ease and flow to our lives.

Below is a recording of a poem I made called "She let go" by Rev. Safire Rose that captures the simplicity, similarly found in nature, of how easy it can be to make beneficial changes in our lives.

As the wheel of the years turns we will look at themes such as these:

Spring- Seeding: Growth | Resilience | Trust | Creativity | Patience | Breathing Out

Summer- Blossoming: Beauty | Potential | Flourishing | Acceptance | Receiving

Autumn- Harvesting: Celebration | Nourishment | Gratitude | Preparation | Forgiveness

Winter – Quietening: Stillness | Integration | Releasing | Breathing In | Rooting

We will explore the themes outlined above through meditation, creativity, guided conversation and celebration.

Each day will cost £95 to include a vegan lunch.

Earlybird tickets available @£75

These will be held in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in Nunney on the following dates-

Sunday 3rd March, Sunday 5th May, Sunday 4th August, Sunday 3rd November

Book and commit to all four together to receive a 10% discount.

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