Exploring Our True Nature

Held monthly, this two hour meditation group is a space to gather together, to pause and reflect, to tune into nature, into our bodies, into our deep wisdom and the intelligence behind all things.

It is a space to reconnect with our self, with each other and to be held in a supportive environment that enables a revealing of our true nature in order that we may live more authentically, with a peaceful mind and a fulfilled heart.

Let's explore together non-dual teachings and practice meditations to abide as source consciousness.

Experience a guided meditation, based on The Invitation by Mooji, followed by an opportunity to discuss how we can move closer to experiencing our True Nature as a place to come from in the world.

We will look at the work of Sydney Banks, Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, Roger Castillo, Ramana Maharshi and others and perhaps look at a different topic every month and how we can see it from a non-dual perspective.

An invitation to  come home.

Through changing our relationship with our self we find all other relationships improve.

Last Tuesday of the month, 7.30 in Bath

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Results of our gatherings

An awakening to more presence and expansiveness

Greater peace of mind, less stress, anxiety and tension

Increased capacity for creativity and fresh in-sight

Feeling more in the flow of life

A deeper sense of knowing our true essence and more comfort in how we show up in the world

I will be your guide for the evenings, and share with you fundamental transformational principles, that fit with all spiritual paths, that support you to lead a happier, more connected life of clarity, ease and joy.

Bath monthly dates- 29/January, 26/February, 26/March, 30/April, 28/May, 25/June 7.30-9.30pm

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