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Seasonal Gatherings, full days, held in Nunney

Content varies. Sunday 3rd February, Sunday 5th May, Sunday 4th August, Sunday 3rd November

£95.00 earlybird £75.00 to include Vegan snacks and lunch



We hear about this concept of self love all the time, but what does that really mean?

Come along and find out-

  • How we are often our own worst enemy and what we can do about that.
  • How to make more loving choices for our self.
  • How we are creating our experience and our point of attraction
  • Living in the field of possibility and tuning in to our hearts and our bodies

This day will give you hope if you feel you have been in the dark for a long time and want to open your heart to new possibilities.

We only ever get in our way of experiencing the natural expansive flow of life. The intelligence in nature follows a natural rhythm and cycle and everything has a season; a time for growth of the new and a time to allow death of the old. The more we are willing to explore our inner Self and bring more love within, aligning our true nature with the natural intelligence of life the more we see our self, our relationships and our lives transform.

There are many physical and psychological reasons to make finding time for yourself and following your own path a priority.

This day is for you if you are:

Ready to look at how to cultivate self-love
Wish to connect with your true nature
Willing to see the truth of how you create your experience of life
Ready to bring new possibilities into your life
Want to create your own self-love practice
Want to live from a more open-hearted place within

There is plenty of parking at the venue and nearby.

If you are coming from further afield please get in touch for a list of nearby accommodation.



Monthly Gatherings, Bath, evenings

Explore Non-Duality and our True Nature

Last Tuesday of the month, 7.30

Held at the Practice Rooms in Bath. Please check in every month which colour room we will be working in.

Last Tuesday monthly

Improve your relationship instantly


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