Whether you are succesful and at the top of your game, or whether you have just started out, most people in business seek coaching because of:

Difficult work relationships

To tap into their ability for peak performance

Insecurity that comes up around decision making

Feeling anxious, stressed and under productive

Imposter syndrome- Feeling like a fraud and as if you are going to be found out

Struggling with failure and fear of criticism

Being in a position of leadership and feeling overwhelmed.

Being at a career crossroads

"It’s so frustrating- on my good days I can answer loads of emails, deal with every issue that comes up creatively, stay calm when things get hectic and get on with everybody and on those days my sales figures are really good!

And then on my bad days I am less productive, I feel stressed and anxious and as if I am not heard or appreciated, I don’t feel like picking up the phone and I don’t achieve very much and go home worrying whether I am doing the right thing and if I am in the right job. To be honest some weeks the bad days outnumber the good days, and those days can turn into weeks and into months. I am losing sleep worrying about the future and feel bullied and alone. How can I change that and be resilient and ok with whatever is gojng on!?”

It seems confusing that we know we can operate on an optimum level, we know we have it in us and it feels so good when we do, and yet those days can be few and far between.

When we are having an off day, we tend to look to external causes to find reasons why we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed and not feeling inspired or performing at our best, but the thing people find the most confusing, when it is pointed out, is that actually nothing changes in the external circumstances between the good days and the bad days.

The job is the same, the place is the same and the people are the same but who “we are” in our emotional response to all of that seems to be different.

We might think our lack of peace of mind comes from our workload, we might see fault in our co-workers, our line manager or our business partner; we might blame it on the weather, we might blame it on our team, we might blame it on our deteriorating relationships at home….where we forget to look at is what is going on in our mind and “how” we are seeing the world we are looking at today, that we were looking at and seeing differently yesterday.

The GREAT NEWS is the good days are always there.

The good days are actually who we are naturally when we don’t have much on our minds.
And the really great news is that we naturally reset to not having much on our minds when we don’t interfere with the process.

Who is this type of Business Coaching in Bath for?

It is for business people having difficulties at work, close to or perhaps already signed off with stress.

It is for managers who want to re-engage their teams, and improve relationships with their employees and employer.

It is for leaders who want to inspire, have clarity of mind and lead from insight.

It is for team well-being and engagement.

It is for entrepreneurs and creatives wishing to tap into their unlimited creativity, wisdom and intelligence.

It is for individuals seeking freedom from stress, anxiety and over thinking to improve their performance.

If you fall into one of these categories and would like to talk, book here for a complimentary 30 minute consultation-

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The programmes are completely bespoke and can include workshops, listening posts and individual sessions.

Depending on needs investment starts in the region of £1500 per individual.