“Hey, It’s me….or rather you. It’s your future self speaking.

By Alison | October 1, 2014

“I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the action you are taking right now, for all the things you are doing to live a more satisfied, abundant life of love and self acceptance. Thank you for finally seeking guidance with your thinking; for finally letting go of some of the old baggage…

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What does cycling have to do with life?

By Alison | September 23, 2014

I was going to write an article this weekend but I went Cycling instead. I am very new to the world of Cycling. I bought a cheap bike a few weeks ago and on my first bike ride in 33 years, rode 13 miles. I love the thrill of the open road and the freedom…

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Make up something more fun!

By Alison | April 3, 2014

Am reading a lot of Eckhart Tolle at the moment and can thoroughly recommend his book “A New Earth”. It is evolving my understanding and confirming a lot of what NLP and Mindfulness techniques have taught me. Our ego is simply our conditioned mind patterns which are delivered to us as thoughts….and what is good…

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Clean Up Your Inner Critic

By Alison | March 11, 2014

Our self esteem and our self image has a huge impact on what we do in our lives, what we believe to be true about ourself and our capabilities and this is created by how we speak to ourself through our internal dialogue. Sometimes our self beliefs are based on what other people have said…

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