30 days to Happiness day #30 More about love xx

By Alison | November 14, 2014

So, the final day of 30 days to Happiness. This one is a very personal story and the final suggestion and observation about adding more Happiness to your life. What I am about to talk to you about is challenging. Some of you will be familiar with the story and it has ruffled a few…

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30 shades of Happiness day #29 Bake-off!

By Alison | November 13, 2014

The penultimate day in our 30 day journey and my thoughts have turned to baking after seeing Paul Hollywood in Bath doing his Great British Bakeoff  Tour. So, today by way of a summary I would like to offer you a recipe.  We all love a bit of cake and today I would like to…

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30 days to Happiness day #28 Asking the right questions

By Alison | November 12, 2014

“Quality questions create a quality life”- Anthony Robbins. Have you ever read that quote and wondered what it means? Well, we have three main ways that we hang out in our heads- The place of Victim, The place of Survivor and the place of Creator and regardless of which you tend to visit the most,…

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30 days to Happiness day #27 what do you ♥ and what does that give you?

By Alison | November 11, 2014

Values  – this is a very big and very important subject that underpins the amount of Happiness you are able to experience and generate in your life. In fact I am going to give you the hot Happiness tip right now for this one- If you want to be truly happy in life get to…

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30 days to Happiness day #26 Self Esteem v Self Acceptance

By Alison | November 10, 2014

Writing this blog has changed my views and thinking about many of the ways that we can find happiness. Without reading back this 30 day journey I can’t remember if I have talked much about self esteem. The definition of self esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities and it is often thought…

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30 days to Happiness day #25 How to do Happiness write

By Alison | November 9, 2014

At the beginning of the year, on Facebook, I saw an idea that really appealed to me. It was to write down all of your happy moments, things you had achieved, things you were grateful for and great memories, as they happened, on pieces of paper and then put them in a jar. Then at…

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30 days to Happiness day #24 The F Word

By Alison | November 8, 2014

So we are nearing the end of 30 days to Happiness. How’s it going? Have you tried any of the tips or tools? Have you made any changes? If you haven’t, or if you have started and then stopped again, then the chances are you have come up against the F word- that four letter word that is responsible for…

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30 days to Happiness day # 23 Automatic No’s

By Alison | November 7, 2014

  I have mentioned before the concept of the automatic no. Those questions, situations and choices where you don’t even stop to think about your response but just automatically say no. Coincidentally, for years I drove an automatic car. When I needed to change it I resolutely refused to drive a car with gears. I…

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30 days to Happiness day #22 Archetypal anarchy

By Alison | November 6, 2014

Who would you be if you could be anyone else in the world? If you could temporarily be somebody entirely different.   Well, guess what……you can.   I’m not talking from the perspective of feeling dissatisfied with who you are, I am talking about your ability to see the bigger picture of your life from…

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30 days to Happiness day#21 Living on Purpose

By Alison | November 5, 2014

Do you feel stuck in a rut, sort of happy but kind of numb, feeling like there should be more to life? You are way past having career advice, but still wondering what to do with your life? Or maybe you swing between dreading Monday Mornings and looking forward to Friday afternoons, trading in your life to…

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