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 (About Transformational Life Coaching)

My story-

For years I used every coping strategy I could not to feel because I thought the intensity of my painful emotions would swallow me up. I learnt a lot along the way about how to intellectualize away anything that caused me suffering or pain. I learnt how to manipulate my thinking, to re frame my thinking, to numb my feelings, to hide from them and to push down that horrible sick feeling in my stomach and those butterflies in my chest. And yet it never really went away.

I got really good at holding down balloons under water – unresolved emotions that I hadn’t dealt with, and all those stuffed down feelings would pop back up from time to time to choke me. Years of not feeling good enough, of feeling undesirable, of feeling insecure all came rushing up to the surface and they hurt.

I was disconnected from my own wisdom, believing in all my inner dialogue, frequently caught up in over thinking, chewing over and over the same things again.

I read and tried out all manner of self-development tools and techniques to numb my feelings, to avoid suffering and feeling bad. To try and help myself to not feel……without realising that in doing so I was giving the stories and the feelings super powers. I was giving them credence and importance by paying attention to them, and even though on one level I totally knew they were all made up and that I was perfectly ok.

And equilibrium would be restored, for a while. Peace of mind was back, I was only feeling my thinking and my capacity to think, none of it was real and had any meaning…..until it did and it hurt so much that it brought me to my knees….and any amount of knowing the above just wasn’t helping.

And then one day I discovered a deeper path and way of seeing.  I wondered who the “I” was that was only feeling my thinking and I stopped looking at the after effects of thoughts and feelings and turned my attention inside. I looked to find what was there in the space that all the thoughts and feelings passed through and not at the person that I thought needed personal development. The part of me that didn’t come and go. The part of me behind all the activity of my mind; the part that is aware of an experience but is not the experience.

And suddenly years of being scared of and avoiding my feelings were dealt with in an instant!

All that work for nothing!

Because what I saw there and what I know to be 100% true of you too is that I am and you are so whole, and so complete and so perfect already, without needing to do anything. Even when you feel agitated, as if you are going to be sick, crying uncontrollably and you can’t sleep for the pain, you are still perfect. There is still nothing wrong and your true nature that is peace, happiness, joy and well-being is always there.

I saw that my default position was peace of mind and the only thing that ever got in the way of me seeing and experiencing that was a mistaken belief that a temporary thought created experience could effect that.

I would love to support you to not be afraid to feel. It is the most liberating thing even though it might scare you it really is ok, you really are ok, and I will hold your hand and support you every step of the way.

Transformational life coaching: I want you to know you already have your own answers

Smiling woman face - transformational life coaching #2The age of the guru is over. You already have the wisdom and all the knowing you need when you slow down and listen.

I can guide you towards self-empowerment, peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment so you can gracefully move from where you are now to where you want to be without needing any tools or techniques, just by looking in a different direction.

Transformational life coaching: I would love you to realise just how amazing you really are.

GROW acronym | defaults of transformational life coachingYou can create something different showing up in your world. Magic really does happen when we are living from our true nature. 

I am a fully qualified and insured INLPTA accredited Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and a Three Principles based coach (transformational life coach) currently mentored by Mary Schiller, working in Bath and internationally on-line.

And when I am not doing this-

I live in Bath with my lovely husband who is an artist. I love to cook and bake and am a bit of a foodie. I enjoy writing and recently wrote a chapter for a book called ” Thirteen Women, An Anthology” . I wrote for Bath Weekend Magazine for a year as their life coach and am currently writing a book called “Five things to give fewer fu@*s about”. I like observational humour- people like Russell Brand and Tim Minchin. I love the woods, my favourite place to walk and lose myself. Other passions include dancing, music, baking bread, River Cottage, my MX5, being in nature, and fire, I love watching fire. Oh, and I am a Guinness World Record holding Skydiver!

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