Life Coaching in Bath & On-line – A sacred partnership

To know yourself as the being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and the joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment” Eckart Tolle

Hi, My name is Alison.

Welcome to my website offering a Three Principles based approach to coaching specialising in helping you find a solid sense of self.

Who is the Coaching Journey for?

  • It’s for people with an open mind, ready for a new way of seeing life.
  • It is for people who have tried everything else and are looking for an approach that works, via education and conversation.
  • If supported life change is what you seek it is for people who are ready to take action, to be kept accountable and move towards the life you truly want.

How do we start?

  • We start with an inventory where we look at your current beliefs and ways of seeing the world and your current definition of self and capabilities.
  • We connect you deeply with your dreams, your desires, the version of yourself you want to be more of and how you want to experience life differently.
  • We’ll uncover your limiting beliefs and the fears that stand between you and how you want to feel.

What happens in the Coaching Journey?

  • We’ll meet, talk on the ‘phone, or Zoom.
  • We’ll work within a time-frame which suits you and your individual needs. Some clients only need 6 sessions over a period of 2 months, others choose to work with me for 6 months or more. There are several ways we can work and we will find the one best suited to you.
  • We will work fiercely and passionately together, supporting you to be comfortable with being you and to create insights that rock your world.


  • Drop me an email with your contact details and I’ll get in touch to arrange a time when we can have a chat and arrange a complimentary session where I am committed to serving you and nothing else.
  • At this stage there is no commitment on your part. I want you to have an experience of the power of coaching and I am happy to chat and give you all the space you need to decide if this process is the one you are looking for. If we both feel it is a good fit then we will talk about the way forward that best suits you.

Ways we can work together-

Bath life coaching, or life coaching online, here’s what’s on offer:

Peace of Mind – Happy Life Email Programme

Life Crafting Programmes 

Life Crafting Retreat

Five things to give fewer fu@*s about- coming soon


Peace of Mind ~ Happy Life Email Programme

Begin the Transformation: “You have no control over what other people think but you do have the power to control what you think”
Sydney Banks

We will look at how we create our life and how the way in which we experience events and circumstances, the problems we think we have and the challenges we think we face are all coloured entirely by the thoughts we believe about our self and who we think we are and what we need to understand in order to change that.

The Second Transformation: “Life is a contact sport;your going to get your knocks. But it’s not the knocks that count, but how you handle them. If you handle them with anger, distrust, jealousy and hate then that is what you will get in return. But if you handle these knocks with love and understanding they don’t mean much. They just dissipate”
Sydney Banks.

This session we will look at how it is not “all about us”! How in taking things so personally we can often feel as if life is against us. Come and learn how not to take it all so seriously.

The Third Transformation: “What we are talking about is learning to live in the present moment, in the now. When you aren’t distracted by your own negative thinking, when you don’t allow yourself to get lost in the moments that are gone or yet to come, you are left with this moment. This moment-now-truly is the only moment you have. It is beautiful and special. Life is simply a series of such moments to be experienced one after the other. If you attend to the moment you are in and stay connected to your soul and remain happy, you will find that your heart is full of positive feelings.”
Sydney Banks

Discover how the past doesn’t have to effect us any longer and how the future is at best guess work. Being with the present moment, doing what makes sense in that moment and then the next moment is how to let go of trying to control our life and allowing it to unfold as it is supposed to.

The Fourth Transformation:  “If the only thing that people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.”
Sydney Banks

Life happens and sometimes it can seem really painful. Learn to be ok with what is and how to have the clarity of mind to move forward by listening to your inner compass.

This on-line programme is delivered by email with notes, exercises and feedback over a four week period.


Life Crafting Packages –

This is 1-1 coaching completely bespoke to you and your needs. There are various ways we can work together ranging from three months to a year.

Please contact me for an initial conversation and package prices.  Starter programmes are three months (six sessions) coaching with full email support between sessions and audio and written materials, depending on your needs and each one is designed specifically for you. 

People invest between £75 and £2,850

Life Crafting Retreat Package- 

You are busy, feeling stressed, anxious, tired, and under pressure and heading towards burn out. Despite your material outward expression of success there will be a voice inside saying there has got to be more to life than this, perhaps accompanied by an emptiness, restlessness and dissatisfaction.
The retreat invites you on a deep inward journey revealing the illusions of the human experience and how we can be in our True Nature, as spirit being human, experiencing connection with all that is, resulting in emotional resilience, peace of mind and well-being.

You will find yourself looking towards a new paradigm as we explore the Inside Out nature of reality.

Discussing what the implications of this are and how there is nothing in life to take personally we look at personal identity stories and how they creates strategies that effect how we show up in the world. We then go deeper into who we really are behind the version of the self we have constructed, towards a future of peace of mind and freedom.

The days comprise of:

Conversations into the nature of the Human Experience and Truth deepened by-
Guided meditation
Body Work Massage
Nutritious Vegetarian food

Fully inclusive- price on application

If this is speaking to you then the next thing is to get in touch with me at alison@alisonheathersutton.co.uk or set up a time to speak with me on 07713 626 673 telling me why, and what you would hope to get from the experience.

Five things to give fewer fu@*s about-  on-line video coaching programme coming soon-

Five sessions designed to-

Awaken an inner sense of security and certainty.

Experience a deeper connection with your wisdom and intuition and the inner sat nav that guides you through life.

Strengthen your emotional resilience so that whatever life throws at you, you know you are always ok.

Feel less limitations and more creativity.

Peace of mind, joy and happiness that come from a free flowing state of mind.

Hope, trust and faith in the future


Here are some reasons why people have coaching-

Feeling stressed or anxious

Learn how you don’t need to be afraid of your feelings, how you are living in the experience of thought in the moment and how by clearing up that misunderstanding you can re-connect with your inner peaceful place.

Want to find your passion?

When did you last tune into yourself and what you love? Would you like to have more energy, to feel more inspired and creative. This is your chance to create a picture of life that supports you to shine.

Need more confidence?

What would be possible if you had a magic wand? With a hand to hold you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Feeling unhappy?

You have it all and yet are still feeling dissatisfied. Together we will look at what is stopping you from feeling good and help you create real happiness in your life. Happiness and satisfaction are an inside job. It does not depend on what you own, who you are with or even the work that you do.

Feeling disconnected?

Rethink your spiritual world and how to rediscover the beauty and connection with your self , your higher guidance and the one-ness of all.


The Practice Rooms | Upper Borough Walls | Bath


Life coaching in Bath is held in The Practice Rooms, conveniently situated in the centre of this beautiful City, or I can travel to you.

The Practice Rooms,  26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath  BA1 1RH

 Sessions also by Skype/Zoom– contact me for details

Cancellations- Please give 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. Cancellations after this will be subject to a charge.

I would love to hear from you!




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